Top 3 Reasons Roofing Jobs Get Postponed

The average asphalt shingle roof lasts 20 to 25 years. This means that Carolina homeowners who find their “forever homes” generally have to replace their roofs at least once. If you are currently thinking about investing in a new roof, it’s important to spend plenty of time researching the roof installation process first. While many roofing jobs are straightforward, there are always issues that can arise. 

In certain cases, roofing projects have to be postponed. While this can be difficult to understand as a homeowner, there are generally very good reasons for residential remodeling delays. In this brief guide, you will discover the top three reasons your Carolina contractor is likely to delay your roof installation. The more understanding you are about your installer’s predicament (remember, he or she is losing profit by postponing your job!), the easier the entire process will be for everyone involved. 

      1. Weather delays – Inclement weather is the most common reason for putting-off a roofing project in the Carolinas. Both North Carolina and South Carolina can experience strong storms, and even hurricanes, that make it impossible for roofing crews to safely work. 

 If your residential roofing job is delayed because of bad weather, remember that your roofing professional has no control over the forecast. He or she didn’t anticipate bad weather issues when your project was put on the schedule and will undoubtedly get started as soon as possible. 

      1. Shipping delays – In some cases, material shipping delays are the culprit when roofing projects get postponed. If, for instance, a manufacturer has an unexpected shortage or a local retailer is struggling to get shipments for one reason or another (such as a natural disaster), your contractor may have to wait until he or she can get your desired materials.

 If you want your new roof installed as soon as possible, talk to your installer about what materials he or she can easily obtain. You may have to be willing to switch to a different roofing material in order to get your roof right away. 

      1. Coordination delays – This is the only type of delay that your Carolina roofing contractor is likely to have any control over. When coordination delays occur, it is often because communication was lacking at some point during the planning process.

If, for example, you have chosen an uncommon roofing material, such as slate tiles or copper panels, a subcontractor may need to be brought in. In the event that your general roofing contractor fails to coordinate times and dates with the specialist, a coordination delay could occur. It is worth mentioning that reputable roofing professionals generally don’t have coordination delays. 

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