Top 4 Gutter Red Flags

Until you’ve dealt with clogged gutters, it is almost impossible to understand just how frustrating they can be. Your gutter system plays a key role in the overall functionality of your house, even if you aren’t actively aware of how hardworking it is. Without working gutters, you are likely to experience a range of issues, including interior water damage and even foundation problems, that could take months or years to correct. 


Here, we dive into the top four gutter red flags you should be aware of as a Carolina homeowner. If you notice any of these problems, contact a reputable team like the Hatch Homes crew at your earliest convenience. The sooner you address gutter system issues, the less likely it is that your house will sustain long-term structural damage as a result. 


  1. Water spillover – Rainwater should not gush over the sides of your home’s gutter troughs. If you notice rain pooling on the ground or sloshing over the edge of your gutters during a storm, it is a surefire indicator that there is a clog that needs to be dealt with. The longer this problem is allowed to continue, the more likely it is that puddles on the ground will ultimately cause your foundation to crack or crumble. 
  2. Rust, cracked paint, or mold – All too often, homeowners chalk rusted areas, cracked paint, and mold growth up to the age of their gutters. In reality, when these issues begin to arise, it is time to schedule a gutter inspection. Rust can lead to holes, which can result in leaks, while cracked paint and mold can both be signs of existing water damage, indicating that the gutter system is no longer fully functional – it may ultimately need to be replaced. 
  3. Sagging gutters – Gutters, obviously, are installed in a straight line for a reason. This is how they are designed to function, effectively diverting water to downspouts. When gutter troughs begin to sag, however, problem inevitably occur. If any of your home’s gutters are sagging, it means it’s past time to contact a professional. In some cases, saggy gutters can be repaired, but in many cases, they have to be replaced. 
  4. Leaks inside your house – If you’ve been noticing new leaks in your house when it rains, it is very possible that your gutters could be the culprit. If your gutter system is not draining properly, some of the water could be spilling over onto your roof or even into your home through cracks in the walls, leading to leaks and unsightly water spots. Never ignore interior leaks as there is always a reason for them, and it can usually be fixed before it causes irreparable damage to your residence. 

The Hatch Homes team is here to help you understand everything you need to know about gutter systems. If any of these red flags are impacting your home’s gutter system, give us a call today. We serve all regions of North Carolina and South Carolina, so you can trust us no matter where you are. 

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