Top 4 Home Improvement Tasks For Autumn

If your family is like many others, the fall season brings a somewhat startling change from the lazy days of summer. Instead of spending long, languid days outside, kids return to school, vacations seemingly vanish until next year, and parents go back to their typical work schedules. As life gets busy again, you might think you’ll have to put home improvement projects on the back burner, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Autumn is actually the perfect time to do a variety of tasks around the house, particularly if you live in an area of the Carolinas that gets cold in the winter. Here, you’ll discover the top four jobs you should tackle this fall. 

    1. Make sure air leaks are sealed – Sometimes, homeowners who live in recently constructed homes don’t think that air leaks will impact them because their residences are new. In some cases, however, newer houses are actually more likely to be quickly constructed with fairly cheap materials than historic homes that have already been standing for decades or even centuries. No matter how old your house is, fall is the perfect time to have an air leak inspection. Air leaks can cause your utility bills to be higher than normal all year, but especially during the winter. 
    2. Install an air-cleaning unit – Although you might not realize it, the air in your home is likely to be about 25 times more polluted than outdoor air. This can be especially problematic in the colder seasons, as even those who live in temperate areas of North Carolina and South Carolina tend to be inside more when fall and winter arrive. Installing a whole-house air cleaning unit is a great way to purify your home’s air without spending a fortune. These units are typically fairly affordable and remove allergens, including dust mites and pet dander, and, often, also get rid of certain germs. 
    3. Invest in a programmable thermostat – Many newer homes have programmable thermostats already installed. If, however, you live in an older residence that hasn’t been remodeled in a while, you probably don’t have one of these units. Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to control the climates in their houses fully; the heating and cooling systems will automatically shut-off when the desired pre-programmed temperature is reached. This is an excellent way to save money throughout the year. Specific models can even be linked to smartphones, which makes it easy to cool and heat your home even when you are away. 
    4. Get ready for winter weather – Even if your region of the Carolinas doesn’t get heavy snow in the winter, the temperatures undoubtedly drop and the weather changes in some way. Perhaps, for instance, you get more rain than usual, or there are regular periods of strong winds. No matter what kinds of weather events you need to prepare for, autumn is the perfect time to do so. Gutter cleaning, tree trimming, and roof inspections, for instance, are good ideas across the board. You might also want to consider buying a back-up generator, especially if small children or senior citizens are present in your household. 

If you are thinking about doing these jobs or any others this fall, don’t hesitate to hire a reputable general contractor to help you. Sometimes, the idea of doing certain home improvement tasks yourself can be overwhelming, particularly if it could ultimately impact your family’s safety. Seeking professional assistance is wise if you don’t feel completely qualified to handle any project!

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