Top 4 Reasons to Replace a Sliding Door With French Doors

If you are thinking about replacing your home’s existing sliding doors with French doors, there are a number of reasons to move forward with the project. You will discover some of these reasons below, but suffice it to say that sliding doors are significantly less appealing than French doors for a variety of reasons. Remember, however, it is still important to do your research before you invest in home renovation products of any kind — including doors!

You will, for example, need to decide if you want to install your doors yourself or if you would prefer to have a professional put them in. Generally speaking, it is always best to let expert installation crews handle any and all home renovation projects, particularly if you do not frequently try do-it-yourself projects. With something like door installation, for example, the security of your home and family could be compromised without proper installation — don’t risk it and hire a professional. 

Next, we dive into the top four reasons you should replace your sliding doors with French doors as your next home project.

  1. French doors are safer — Sliding glass doors, although they are extremely common, are not necessarily the safest choice for homeowners. They are easy to break into because of their rollers — in some cases, home invaders know how to pop sliding doors right off of their tracks, leaving a gaping hole in a wall! French doors, however, because they have hinges and traditional door locks, are much harder for would-be thieves to get through. Furthermore, sliding glass doors often feature very thin panes of glass that shatter easily. This is not the case for most French door styles, which tend to have thicker, more substantial panes. 
  2. French doors function better — Sliding glass doors might seem efficient and functional when you first move into a house, but they may quickly become frustrating. A six-foot-wide sliding glass door, for example, only allows three-feet of space to be open at any given time. Have you ever tried moving furniture or electronics through an opening that small? Not fun. French doors of the same width, on the other hand, make it easy for homeowners to gain access to the full six-feet of open space for hauling items in and out. 
  3. French doors look nicer — If security and function aren’t your priorities, form probably is. French doors simply look better than sliding glass styles. White French doors have a classic, airy appearance that will make your home look like it belongs in a Parisian building with a view of the Eiffel Tower, while dark wood French doors have a timeless elegance that will withstand the test of time. 
  4. French doors are energy efficient — Thanks to their more substantial overall construction, thicker glass panes, and less flimsy installation methods, French doors are more energy efficient than sliding glass options. This means you will save money on your utility bills over time, even if you have to spend additional funds upfront. 

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