Top 5 “Don’ts” During Home Renovation Projects

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When you decide to remodel your home, you are likely to experience a range of emotions, from excitement to stress. All of these feelings can make it difficult to know how to react to certain situations that are bound to come up over the course of your renovation. This helpful guide is here to make it easy for you to know exactly what you shouldn’t do while remodeling your house.

The next few paragraphs feature five key “don’ts” to abide by throughout your entire renovation. If you follow these tips, you and your contractor should develop an excellent working relationship, and you should feel as confident as you possibly can about the direction in which your remodel is going. You can never have 100% assurance that unexpected issues won’t pop up during a renovation, but these suggestions will certainly help things run smoothly.

Don’t change plans frequently – At some point during your renovation, you may realize you need to make alterations to your design plans for practical reasons. Maybe, for instance, you’ve discovered you’re expecting a baby, and you want to put carpet in some rooms that were originally going to have hardwood. Minor, infrequent changes are fine, but if you make a habit of altering your initial plans, it will be difficult for you and your contractor to stay on the same page. It will also, in all likelihood, take longer for your job to get done.

Don’t purchase materials by yourself – In nearly all situations, it is best to let your contractor buy the materials that are needed for your project instead of buying them yourself. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that contractors often receive discounts from suppliers, so they will pay less than you would for supplies; these savings are then passed along to you. Another reason is that your contractor will know the exact warranty and return policy information for each item; if you buy online, you may not be able to return or exchange things that don’t work for you.

Don’t start within a built-in contingency fund – There are very few, if any, residential renovations that go 100% according to plan. Unexpected issues usually arise and, in many cases, cost money to deal with or fix. If, for example, your contractor is taking down a wall and discovers that it was load-bearing when you were under the impression it wasn’t, you may have to pay for a header you weren’t expecting to purchase. This is why your budget should have some built-in cushion.

Don’t distract your contractor and his or her team – While it is essential to have solid lines of communication with your contractor, it is also important to let him or her (and his or her team!) do their jobs. This tip is especially important for people who are living in their houses during construction. It’s easy to get engrossed in conversations with your workers, which can cause them to neglect their tasks, ultimately making your renovation take longer than it should. You may also end up paying more if any team members are being paid by the hour.

Don’t start without the right professionals – Sometimes, homeowners get so excited about their upcoming projects that they neglect to hire all the right people to assist them. It’s important to make sure you have the best possible team around you to make sure your renovation goes as smoothly as it possibly can. If, for instance, you’re doing a major remodel, you may need both a general contractor and an architect. If, on the other hand, you really struggle with decorating your space, working with a general contractor and an interior designer could be beneficial. Only you can figure out which combination of pros is the right fit for your situation.

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