Top 5 Questions to Ask Contractor Candidates

If you have finally greenlighted a home remodeling project you’ve been putting off for a long time, you’re probably extremely excited about what lies ahead for you. Making big changes to your house is usually thrilling, but the process can also be quite challenging. There are, as you’re probably figuring out, a lot of things you need to do before work can even begin. One of the things you’ll need to check off your to-do list early on is hiring a contractor.

It is generally recommended that homeowners interview at least three potential contractors prior to selecting one. This is a great way to compare various professionals in your area, allowing you to feel completely confident about your final choice. In this guide, you’ll see five questions you should ask every contractor you’re seriously considering. Their answers could help make your decision easier.

  1. Who will actually be coming to my house? – Because contracting businesses can be set-up in several different ways, it is important for you to clarify exactly who will be doing work in your home on a daily basis. In some cases, for instance, a contractor may own the company, but only work on select projects; most jobs, in this case, would be handled by employees or subcontractors. In other cases, though, a contractor might be a one-man show and he will be at your home each day, hiring as specialists or subcontractors as needed.
  2. Who will I be talking to for updates? – This question goes hand-in-hand with the first one. Depending on how the business is structured, you may or may not be speaking to your actual contractor on a regular basis. Instead, your updates might come from a secretary, an assistant, or another member of the construction crew. Only you can decide who you are comfortable talking to about the status of your renovation project.
  3. Have you done projects like mine in the past? – Even the most experienced general contractors sometimes haven’t done certain things before. If your job involves specialized projects, such as laying particularly delicate tiles or doing a faux finish on the walls, you’ll need to make sure your contractor is equipped to handle everything. Bear in mind that he or she may subcontract out certain tasks, so if you see someone with whom you are unfamiliar doing work, he or she is probably a subcontractor who is doing a specific project. If you have any questions regarding members of the crew, though, make sure to speak with your contractor.
  4. How many jobs are you typically doing simultaneously? – This is an important question because it will help you understand exactly how much any contractor you’re considering is juggling at one time. A contractor who, for instance, is only doing three projects simultaneously will have a lot more time to personally dedicate to your job than someone who is overseeing twenty projects. Some homeowners care more about receiving personalized attention than others. You’ll have to figure out for yourself where you fall on that issue.
  5. Do you have any concerns you’d like to share with me? – This isn’t something most homeowners ask prospective contractors, but it will definitely force each candidate to think seriously about your project. If a contractor has a valid concern about something that could go wrong during your job, but already has a solution for dealing with it, you should move his or her name to the top of your shortlist. This proves that he or she has both foresight and motivation to work through tough situations.

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