Top 5 Questions to Ask Potential Landscapers

In today’s world, particularly in our service area in the Southeast, more and more homeowners are focusing on how their outdoor spaces look. As lives get busier than ever before, spending time at home is a luxury and entertaining outside is a year-round affair in many parts of North Carolina and South Carolina.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a landscape designer to beautify your outdoor living area, the information in this guide will help you make the right decision. Below, you’ll find five critical questions to ask any landscaper you’re thinking about hiring.

What are your service offerings?

Not all landscape designers offer a full range of services. Some specialize in specific types of projects. It’s important for all of the landscapers who make it onto your shortlist to have extensive experience doing jobs that are similar to yours. If, for example, you are interested in having a feng shui inspired garden put into your backyard, you shouldn’t hire a landscaper who has never dealt with these design principles before. Instead, look for someone who specializes in this area.

Do you have a portfolio I can view?

Any reputable landscape designer should have a portfolio you can look at. Nowadays, many design professionals have online galleries instead of physical portfolios, but either way, you ought to be able to see examples of past work. You should not hire a landscaper who isn’t willing to let you see photographs of jobs he or she has previously completed.

Do you provide garden consultations?

Garden consultations involve spending 60 to 120 minutes in your garden or backyard with a landscaper. During this appointment, you and the outdoor designer will discuss what goals you have for your space, what kind of lifestyle you lead, and any special requests you and your family may have. Garden consultations, more or less, serve as a way for landscaping professionals to get to know prospective clients and vice versa.

It’s important to note that, although some landscapers offer free initial consultations, others do charge their standard hourly rates for these sessions. Most homeowners, though, find that the extra money is worth it to get some dedicated time to share their visions with potential landscapers.

What do you envision in this space?

This is an important question because it will help you understand if your dreams for your outdoor space and a particular landscape designer’s ideas mesh well with one another. In order to have a positive overall experience with your outdoor renovation project, it is essential for you and your landscaper to see eye to eye. If you aren’t a fan of how a certain professional sees your space coming together in the end, you should probably move onto someone else.

When can you get started?

Good landscapers, like good general contractors, often can’t start new projects right away because other clients already book them. You need to know when your preferred landscape designer can begin your job so you can plan any special events, such as family gatherings, weddings, or major parties, around his or her timeline.

If you have questions about landscaping your house, contact your local landscaping company for guidance. Locals love working with Carolina-based homeowners who enjoy outdoor living as much as they do. They will help you come up with a design plan that is ideal for your family without going over-budget.

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