Top 5 Reasons to Book Winter Roofing Jobs

Since it gets cold during the winter in many regions of North Carolina and South Carolina, most homeowners are skeptical of having exterior renovations performed. A little known fact, however, is that winter is actually a great season to have roofing work done! There are, as a matter of fact, a number of reasons to consider booking your upcoming roofing job once cold weather arrives. In this guide, you’ll discover the five top reasons to call your Carolina roofing contractor during the winter months. 

      1. Leaks will only get worse – Leaks are one of the primary issues that lead homeowners to schedule roofing work. If this is why you’re planning to have your roof repaired or replaced, waiting until spring weather arrives will do nothing but cause the problem to get worse. Winter snow, ice, and slush could seep into your home as they melt, leading to water damage and mold infestations. Having any leaks fixed in the winter will seal your home for the remainder of the season and get you ready for warmer days to come. 
      2. Roofing problems can be exacerbated – If you are planning to have your roof repaired because it is damaged in some way, waiting until warmer weather comes around isn’t the best idea. This is because winter precipitation, including piles of snow, can put extra stress on your roof, ultimately making any problems worse. If, for instance, you have missing or broken shingles, the weight of snow and ice could make the issue even worse if you keep putting-off having it fixed. 
      3. Certain materials are great for winter installation – One reason homeowners often hesitate to have roofing repairs done in the winter is that they are concerned about whether or not their preferred materials will be able to be installed. Fortunately, some materials, such as metal and particular sorts of wood shakes, are simple to install any time of year. Popular asphalt shingles can also be put on during the winter months, but your Carolina contractor may have to wait for a couple of days within a specific temperature range. 
      4. You may save money – Because roofing contractors generally have fewer jobs in the wintertime, they often reduce their rates to encourage people to book projects. This could save you a significant amount of money! In addition, roofing material manufacturers frequently run sales during the cold months. This could help you buy roofing, such as slate or ceramic tile, that would normally be out of your budget.
      5. Some contractors prefer winter – While winter roofing jobs do come with certain challenges, some Carolina roofing contractors actually prefer working during cool weather. Summer heat can lead to a variety of issues, including heatstroke and dehydration, so you might actually be doing the time you hire a favor by booking them during the winter season! 

If you are planning on having your home’s roof repaired or replaced this winter, the team at Hatch Homes would love to work with you. Give our office a call to learn more about our roofing services and to schedule a consultation. We serve families throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, so no matter where you are, we can help. 

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