Top 5 Roof Problems South Carolina Homeowners Encounter

Whether you’re a South Carolina native or transplant, there are a lot of amazing things about living in the Palmetto State! From the mountain communities of North Carolina to the Outer Banks to historic Charleston and the Low Country, there are few things not to like about this region of the United States.

However, like anywhere, there are certain downsides that come with being a Carolinian. Although the cons are few and far between, South Carolina homeowners in particular can find themselves dealing with specific roofing problems. It’s important to be aware of what these issues are so that you can promptly address them if they impact your home. As you read this guide, you’ll discover the most common roof problems South Carolina residents encounter every year. 


New leaks – If you notice any new leaks in your home, you should immediately take notice. Sometimes, older houses have existing leaks that homeowners don’t instantly deal with for one reason or another. New leaks, though, signal a recent issue and need to be considered a serious red flag. If this happens, schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible — you’re likely to discover that you need to have a new roof installed sooner rather than later. 


Water puddles – It’s important to note that the inside of your house isn’t the only place you should be looking for standing water on your property. Puddles forming on your roof itself or near your foundation can also be indicative of a major problem. Puddles on the roof generally mean there is a structural issue that is preventing rainwater from draining properly, whereas puddles on the ground frequently indicate that a home’s gutter system is not functioning correctly.


Missing shingles – Whether you notice shingles laying on the ground or missing shingles are discovered during a routine roof inspection, this issue should be a red flag for any homeowner. The longer shingles are allowed to remain missing, the more damage your home is likely to sustain. Many South Carolina regions have damp, humid climates, so water damage, specifically, is a serious concern. 


Flashing issues – Homeowners often pay less attention to roof flashing than they should, as these thin sheets of metal do an important job! Flashing, which is installed along the edge of a roof, along chimneys, and around vents, is designed to help keep a roof completely sealed. This reduces the risk of water damage, insect infestations, and other problems. If you notice that your flashing has been damaged in any way — even if it just appears to be slightly curled — you should contact a roofing expert immediately. 


Improper installation – Although this issue isn’t specific to South Carolina, it is important to note that an improperly installed roof can lead to serious issues for homeowners. Too many American homeowners every year find themselves trying to save money by using disreputable contractors, then pay the price — literally and figuratively — later. Save yourself the trouble and choose a reliable company like Hatch Homes from the start!


The Hatch Homes team is here to help you understand every step of the roofing process. If you’re ready to take the plunge and buy a new roof, give us a call to discuss pricing, material options, and everything else you need to know to make the right decision for your household. 

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