Top 6 Ways to Transform Small Residential Windows

If you love your North Carolina or South Carolina home but could do without its tiny windows, you’re in luck! This guide will teach you some tried-and-true techniques you can use to transform your small windows without paying for a major window remodel. This list of the top 6 ways to make your residential windows look bigger is sure to resonate with any Carolina homeowner who has been wishing for larger window panes. 

    1. Add exterior trim – Adding trim or molding to the outside of all of your home’s window frames is a simple, effective way of making them appear larger than they really are. Furthermore, trim will add visual interest to the exterior of your home and increase your property’s overall curb appeal. 
    2. Install shutters – Shutters are highly effective at concealing small windows because they can be cut to be larger than the windows underneath of them actually are. If you intend to keep your shutters closed most of the time, this is a great way to make it appear to passersby that your home’s windows are quite sizable. There are many shutter styles on the market, including plantation shutters, which are making a comeback, especially among Southern homeowners. Plantation shutters are traditionally hung inside, but there are modified outdoor versions.
    3. Invest in flower boxes – If your windows don’t have any flower boxes, investing in some is an excellent way to make them look bigger. Not only will flowers make your entire home look more cheerful, but changing them out seasonally can give your property a festive appearance all year long, regardless of what major holiday is upcoming. 
    4. Consider horizontal muntins – Muntins are strips that are added to windows to segment them, changing how they look. As with stripes on clothing, horizontal muntins can make windows appear wide, while vertical muntins can make panes look taller. You can use both types of muntins if desired. 
    5. Use foliage to your advantage – Some homeowners think that hiding small windows behind trees and bushes is a good way to make them look like they don’t even exist. In reality, this doesn’t do your home any favors and just makes your property appear unkempt. Instead, focus on using foliage to your advantage and “framing” windows, even if they aren’t the ideal size. 
    6. Draw the eye to your doorway – If you don’t like the sizes of the windows that run across the front of your home, draw people’s eyes to your doorway instead. There are a number of ways to do this. You can, for instance, paint your door a bright, fun color. Or, you can add decorative touches, like seating and potted plants near the entry door. 

These tips will help you improve the look of your Carolina home and ultimately come to terms with your windows, no matter what size they are. Keep in mind that even small window panes can let the sunshine in and provide you with a view of beautiful natural scenery!

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