Top Five Questions to Ask Prospective Painting Contractors

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When you decide the time is right to tackle a major painting job around your house, whether interior or exterior, you might opt to outsource it rather than doing it yourself. This can save time and energy in the long run. Fortunately, there are plenty of painting contractors who work throughout the Carolinas, but it’s important to note that all of them are reputable.

Before you hire a painting contractor to do your project, there are some key questions you should ask. Five of the most crucial inquiries have been detailed for you in the following paragraphs. By the time you’re done reading, you ought to be well on your way to finding a reliable painter to improve the appearance of your home.

  1. Do you carry the proper insurance? – Different states have different requirements in regard to the types of insurance policies contractors need to carry. Reputable contractors, however, tend to have insurance above and beyond what they need to. Any painter worth his or her salt will be willing to show you proof of coverage, including liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.
  2. Do you use subcontractors? – Some painting contractors outsource certain jobs to subcontracted crews, especially during their busiest seasons of the year. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is an issue you should inquire about. Subcontractors may not be covered by the original contractor’s insurance and may not have undergone the same background checks as full-time employees. In order to feel confident about subcontractors being in your home, it’s important to have a conversation about how they were selected.
  3. What sorts of materials do you use? – Different painting contractors use different materials; some, for instance, may use less expensive paint so they can pass savings onto their clients. You need to feel comfortable with the materials that are being used in your home, so if you have specific brand preferences, make sure you make them known before you hire a contractor. He or she may need to adjust your estimate to reflect your household’s wants and needs.
  4. Will you be involved in overseeing my project or not? – It is reasonable to assume that whoever comes to your home to give you an estimate will be directly involved in your upcoming painting project. This is often the case, but is not, however, a foregone conclusion. By asking this question, you can get some clarification about who will be managing your job and how the estimator is going to be associated with your project.
  5. Do you offer a warranty on your work? – Many reputable painting contractors in the Charlotte, NC, and Charleston, SC areas provide warranties to their clients. These vary but often include free touch-ups for a year or a guarantee that outdoor paint won’t chip for a certain period of time. If having a warranty is a priority for you, make sure you fully understand all the terms and conditions before you sign a contract.

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