Top Reasons to Install High-End Vinyl Siding

Over three-quarters of American homes have vinyl siding. This incredibly popular material is a great choice for a number of reasons, but if you’re thinking about having new siding installed on your house or you are building a new residence, it’s important to research all of the options that are available to today’s homeowners. 


Maybe you’ve been looking into wood siding because of its rustic charm or perhaps brick cladding has caught your eye due to its traditional aesthetic. While there is certainly nothing wrong with either of these options, or with options like fiber cement and stucco, there are quite a few good reasons to stick with high-end vinyl siding. Here, we take a look. 


  1. It is very durable – For the price, nothing else can beat the durability of well-made vinyl siding. Most manufacturers offer 20 to 25 year warranties, which means you may very well move out of your home before you even need to think about replacing your siding again! Even if you are in your “forever home” in the Carolinas, over two decades is a long time.
  2. Pests typically ignore it – While it is true that certain North Carolina and South Carolina pests can damage vinyl siding, it is far from being their preferred material. Termites and woodpeckers, for example, almost exclusively go after wood siding. While vinyl isn’t impervious, it does go a long way toward protecting your home from insect and vermin infestations. 
  3. You don’t have to take care of it – The fact that vinyl siding is extremely low-maintenance is what ultimately ends up selling many homeowners on this material. Once your new siding boards are installed, you can essentially leave them alone. As needed, the boards can be cleaned with soap and water to remove dirt and other debris. Other than that, you may want to power wash your siding once every year or two, but that is not a requirement. 
  4. It suits nearly every style – One of the biggest advantages of choosing upscale vinyl siding is that manufacturers know their clients have a wide variety of tastes. This means they offer styles that are suitable for just about everyone. Whether you live in a historic home in Charleston, a downtown row house in Charlotte, or a subdivision new build outside of Raleigh, vinyl siding has you covered. 
  5. It is affordable on most budgets – Even the most pricy vinyl siding collections are generally affordable for most homeowners. This means you won’t have to sacrifice form for function when you opt to go with vinyl cladding on your home. 


The Hatch Homes team is ready when you are! Give us a call to discuss all of the vinyl siding choices that are on the market today. We truly look forward to helping you turn your house into the Carolina dream home you’ve always wanted. Remember, our team has years of experience with all types of vinyl siding, so we can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right brand to actually hanging the boards on your house. 

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