Top Replacement Windows For 2018

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Windows are the focal point of any home, and they bring natural light into the interior while bringing you closer to the outdoors. When it comes time to replace windows in a house, many things may influence the decision to pull the trigger. A few of the top reasons to replace your homes windows are:
1) Age- The average lifespan of a window if installed correctly is around 15 – 20 years. It is crucial when buying a home to ask the previous homeowners when the windows were last replaced to keep better track of your windows lifespan.

2) Utility bills- If you are noticing a drastic change in your electric bills, you may be experiencing window failure. The seals on your window are what keeps outdoor air out, and indoor air inside which help create a comfortable temperature inside.

3) Functionality- Do your windows open and close smoothly? Does the hardware on your window work correctly? If you answered no, to these two questions, then it is time to replace the windows in your home.

Replacement windows are not the cheapest home improvement on a homeowners list either. A homeowner, of course, can choose to replace a few at a time. However, this will not help increase the homes energy efficiency overall. There are many window manufacturers available to choose from as well. So how do we know, which company is the best? Of course, we can ask our neighbors for their recommendations but how do you know if what they chose is the best fit for your home? I encourage all homeowners to do their research before speaking with a window installation company.
Here at Hatch Homes, Our company offers the choice of Interstate CompositWood. CompsitWood windows which are ranked as the number one window choice for 2018.
So what is CompositWood? CompositWood is produced from a mixture of specialty polymer and acrylic resins. The result is a product that is more solid, tougher and engineered to look like real wood. The surface is then colored by a technology called “SuperCap™” which is fused into the core materials during the production process.
Why chose CompositWood?
CompositWood, is the next top window, the development, and technology behind this window design is years above their competitors. Nothing is more beautiful than the look and warmth you receive from a wood window. However, the maintenance that comes from real wood can be time-consuming and expensive. The solution to this issue is CompositWood!

To receive your free estimate on replacement windows and to learn more, call the team at Hatch Homes today!

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