Top Stucco Finish Options For Homeowners

If your Carolina home has a stucco exterior, you might not know much about the options you have when it comes to refinishing it. Many homeowners are under the impression that stucco finishes have to look pretty much the same for their entire lifespans, but this isn’t necessarily the case. It is possible to make fairly major changes to stucco whenever you feel like taking on a renovation project. As you read the remainder of this guide, you will learn more about stucco styles and finish options.

How is stucco refinished?

There are several steps involved in properly refinishing stucco exteriors. The steps differ slightly depending on what your house is constructed from. When homes have stone, brick, or concrete walls, Carolina contractors can apply stucco directly to the surface. When, however, wood studs are present, metal lathe will have to be installed before the stucco can be put on. Generally, three layers of stucco are applied before the textured finish coat is completed. One of the biggest perks of stucco is that it can last for half a century or more before it needs to be replaced!

What are the most popular stucco textures?

There are several different stucco textures that homeowners can choose from. Don’t fret if you aren’t familiar with specific stucco styles yet. That’s where this guide comes in. The next section will help you figure out which texture is the perfect fit for your personal taste.

California texture – This type of texture, which can also be referred to as Montalvo, involves letting a very rough layer of stucco dry, then covering it with a smooth layer. The textured underlayment pokes through the surface, giving a unique appearance.

Combed texture – This texture style is relatively modern and features thin, closely-spaced lines that make it appear that a comb has been drug through the stucco. The combed pattern may also have fancy swirls. If you are interested in this texture, make sure you talk to your contractor ahead of time to discuss the exact look you want.

Dash texture – This texture involves the use of a special tool called a “dash brush.” Your Carolina contractor will fling stucco onto your home’s walls with the brush, creating a rough appearance. If you suspect your stucco will need to be repaired fairly often like if you live in a hurricane-prone area, the dash texture is relatively easy to fix.

Lace texture – This texture option is among the most traditional choices for stucco residences. To achieve this look, stucco is sprayed onto a wall, then smoothed with a trowel. The final aesthetic features areas that look very much like lacework, which gives the texture its name. This style is perfect for camouflaging walls that have noticeable imperfections.

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