Top Three Reasons Replacing Your Gutters is Essential

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Gutter systems are an oft-overlooked, yet a highly important, component of any home. Without properly functioning gutters and downspouts, your house could sustain all sorts of damage, some of it quite serious. In many cases, damaged gutters require replacement. As you read the remainder of this guide, you will discover the top three reasons why replacing your gutters when they sustain damage or start failing is an essential aspect of responsible home maintenance.

    1. To keep your house structurally sound – Gutter systems, which include both downspouts and gutters themselves, are designed to keep houses structurally intact by preventing water damage. If gutters are damaged in any way, water can cause serious long-term problems to the foundation, roof, and walls of a home. If, for instance, one of your downspouts shifts position and no longer directs rainwater away from your foundation, it could ultimately result in a cracked or crumbling stone that could cost thousands of dollars to repair. It is significantly more prudent to replace the broken gutter system simply. 
    2. To increase your home’s curb appeal – Although you might not give it much thought on a daily basis, a functional gutter system improves the overall aesthetic of your residence. Gutters that are cracked, bent, or causing large pools of water to collect on your roof or in your yard do nothing to increase curb appeal. New, properly installed systems, though, give passersby a good impression immediately. This is important whether you intend to remain in your current house for years to come or if you have plans to sell in the near future. Furthermore, you are likely to find yourself taking more pride in your home when it looks great from the moment you turn into the driveway. 
    3. To avoid a flooded basement – The potential for a flooded basement is one of the biggest risks that come with having a damaged residential gutter system. Since broken or bent gutters often cause water to pool around a home’s foundation, it is extremely common for that water to seep into the basement, causing water damage to that space as well as to the home’s exterior. Depending upon where in the Carolinas you reside, the flooding in your basement may be anything from a minor annoyance to a severe problem. If your area is prone to hurricanes, for instance, the flooding could be bad enough to cause damage to the basement and the first story of your residence. 

It’s important to remember that modern homeowners have numerous choices when it comes to gutter replacement jobs. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to invest in high-quality gutters that will keep your house safe and secure for many years. Whether your budget allows for conventional aluminum gutters or pricey copper gutters, the team at Hatch Homes is here to help you. If you have concerns about the current state of your gutter system, don’t hesitate to give our office a call to discuss our service offerings. We look forward to working with you to select new gutters that meet all of your needs. 

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