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Roanoke Rapids Lake, NC, TrexPro Decking Contractors

For the best decking materials and installation services to replace any old wood, PVC, or early composite deck in Roanoke Rapids Lake, NC, Hatch Homes is your best choice. We are your one-stop shop for all of Trex’s composite decking products and the best installation services to match the quality of the materials. We offer the full range of options throughout the Transcend, Enhance Basics, and Select series, all of which are resistant to weathering, cracking, splintering, and discoloration, along with much more.

At Hatch, we take pride in how our homeowners experience their decking installation, and we are committed to offering the best communication and transparency in the business in an effort to promote comfort and professionalism. In addition, we also serve the communities around Roanoke Rapids Lake, including the towns of Gaston, Belmont, and Weldon. To learn more about any of our excellent decking or other exterior renovation options, call or fill out our online contact form today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our Trex design experts.

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Roanoke Rapids Lake, NC, Trex Decking Contractors: Enhance Series

Trex Enhance Basics offers a comprehensive selection of options ranging from plain colors and textures to more vibrant options with resistance to rot, mold, termites, other pests, and much more, making it vastly superior to natural wood in every way. 


For around the same price as pressure-treated lumber, you can instead opt to use Trex Enhance Basics decking in your new build and thereby choose the superior option designed to last decades longer than natural wood would have, all while looking and feeling better throughout its lifespan.

Trex Enhance Hatch

Roanoke Rapids Lake, NC, Trex Decking Contractors: Select Series

Trex Select Series Hatch

Trex Select is the best option for any homeowners looking to build a deck that is resistant to all of the issues mentioned above and that will last far longer than a cheap natural wood deck would, but without breaking the bank or going over budget. This is where Trex Select decking shines! Additionally, it is still compatible with all of the modular railing and fascia systems our customers love!

To get started as soon as possible or to explore any of our other services to help Hatch your home’s potential, call or fill out our online contact form today to schedule your free initial consultation in Roanoke Rapids Lake, NC.

Roanoke Rapids Lake, NC, Trex Decking Contractors: Transcend Series

The Tropiclas and Earth Tones in the Trex Transcend lines offer some of the most luxurious and stylish options in the Trex lineup. Mimicking some of the world’s most exotic and costly woods in Trex’s signature composite with deep wood grain and fine coloring and texturing, you’ll never be able to tell the difference except for the superior performance of composite decking compared to its natural counterpart. 


Color-stay technology baked into all of Trex’s products ensures the color and style you choose will not fade or discolor over time, and your new Trex deck will look and feel great for years to come.

Trex Transcend Hatch

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