Why Trex?

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1. Why choose Trex? Trex knows that turning a house into a home is no easy task. That’s why they are dedicated to creating products that make everyday living better than it has ever been. Every day, they design and manufacture products that are engineered to fit your family’s needs and budget, no matter what your preferences are. 

2. The Trex difference. The type of decking you choose matters – and if you make the wrong selection, everyone will notice. That’s where Trex comes in. The company is built on a strong foundation of developing the strongest, most durable composite decking in the business. Now that Trex offers more than just deck boards, their commitment to quality hasn’t changed. Every product they offer is both beautiful and virtually maintenance-free, giving you and your family an outdoor living space that is both stunning and long-lasting. 

3. What about deck rails? As previously mentioned, Trex is more than a deck board manufacturer these days. The company also offers deck rails that are designed to take your deck to the next level, both aesthetically and from a safety standpoint. There is nothing more important than your loved ones’ safety when they are enjoying your outdoor space, and you can trust Trex’s versatile deck rails – which come in a variety of finishes and styles – to deliver.


Trex boards vs. Wood decking

If you are thinking about investing in Trex for your upcoming deck-building project, you are probably wondering how this composite brand compares to traditional wood. While wood decks can be beautiful, they generally require a significant amount of maintenance. 

Whether you choose pressure-treated lumber boards, cedar boards, or tropical wood boards, you will have to regularly seal, paint, or stain your deck, in addition to checking for damage from pests like termites and woodpeckers. Trex is designed to provide the look of wood without the upkeep, making it the best of both worlds. 

Trex benefits:

  • Ability to withstand all types of weather, including snow, extreme heat, and various forms of precipitation.
  • Easy to clean with gentle soap and water
  • Crafted from 95% recycled materials; does not lead to deforestation
  • 25-year limited residential warranty
  • Does not rot or splinter
  • Does not lose colorfastness

Trex vs. Early Composite Decking

Today’s Trex deck boards are head and shoulders above early forms of composite decking. And, the company should know – they’ve been leading the charge in this industry for over 20 years. New Trex designs offer fade and stain resistant properties for decades, a far cry from early product lines. 

Trex vs. PVC Decking

PVC deck boards are often compared to composite styles because they, too, are not wood and can, therefore, resist rot, splintering, mold growth, and termites. However, PVC isn’t nearly as green as Trex, and it is not crafted from 95% recycled materials. 

Furthermore, PVC decking has several key downsides, such as:

  • Often succumb to “chalking”
  • Prone to expanding and contracting with temperature changes, leaving gaps in your deck
  • Not stain-resistant against sunblock, insect repellant, and other common outdoor products

The bottom line.

The bottom line is that Trex is simply the best decking choice on the market today for consumers who want to reduce their environmental impact while giving their families the most beautiful, low-maintenance decking option on the market right now.

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