Trimming a Window For Insulated Siding: A Basic Guide

If you’re in the process of either building a new house or having your current home re-sided, there are a lot of issues you’ll have to think about before the project is complete. One of these things is trimming your windows to accommodate insulated vinyl siding. This is something that a lot of homeowners overlook, but it’s a crucial component of proper siding installation.
Even if you have your siding professionally installed (a great idea, by the way!), it is useful for you to understand exactly what goes into correctly trimming windows so that insulated vinyl siding will function as it should for many years into the future. The rest of this guide features some key things to know about this aspect of vinyl siding installation.

Choose the Correct J-Channel
J-channel is standard for both non-insulated and insulated vinyl siding. For non-insulated siding, j-channel is generally ⅝” wide to ⅞” wide. For insulated siding strips, however, you’ll want to make sure you select j-channel that is at least 1 ⅛” wide; it can be as wide a 1 ½”, depending on your personal preferences.
Your siding contractor will certainly help you pick the correct j-channel for your project, but having an understanding of how wide it needs to be will help you visualize the look you ultimately want for your home. Furthermore, the wider the j-channel is, the more you can generally fit underneath of it. Take this into consideration if you’re planning to use house wrap or other materials in addition to your insulated siding.

Add Coil to Your Windows
When insulated vinyl siding is being installed, it’s essential for windows to be trimmed with coil. Your contractor will understand how to trim the coil, but if you’re supervising the work that is being done on your house, make sure each piece fits snugly together on the window frame. Otherwise, air could seep through.

Install the J-Channel Properly
Although j-channel is not challenging to install, the process can be somewhat tedious. The j-channel piece, specifically around your home’s windows will need to be notched and mitered in order to fit snugly against each other, preventing weather, insects, and vermin from potentially infesting your house.

Talk to Your Contractor
As your contractor installs both j-channel and new vinyl siding on your house, you should feel free to ask questions and have conversations with him or her. Investing in siding is a big deal, and the more you know about the process, the more comfortable you’re sure to feel! Reputable contractors love talking to their clients and playing a role in helping them better understand how to care for their houses.

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