Understanding Exterior Paint Finishes

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If you’ve ever shopped for interior paint, you probably know that the process can be somewhat confusing. There are numerous finish options, all of which are appropriate for specific purposes. This can scare people off from taking-on large, exterior painting projects because they think it will be even more complicated!

Fortunately, buying exterior paint tends to be relatively simple. Most brands offer just 3 finishes, which helps consumers narrow down their options quickly. As you read the rest of this guide, you’ll learn more about different finish choices and about shopping for the best exterior paint for your house.

Flat Finish Paint – Exterior paint that has a dull finish is the thickest option for homeowners, meaning it is not very porous and allows very little light to pass through. This makes it an especially attractive choice for people who own older houses that may have flaws they wish to diminish.

It does bear noting that flat finish paint is also the least durable of the options on the market, which means it is best to use it only on the walls of a house, not on porch surfaces, banisters, door frames, and other areas that are frequently touched or walked on.

Satin Finish Paint – Exterior paint that has a satin finish is the most popular choice among today’s homeowners. It is the perfect middle ground, featuring a slight sheen without being overpoweringly glossy.

Satin finish paint is visually appealing and is easy to maintain. It can be power washed on a regular basis (usually once or twice a year is a good rule of thumb) to keep it looking great for several years.

Although it is more durable than flat finish paint, satin finish products still shouldn’t be used in high traffic areas or on spots that are touched multiple times a day. It does bear noting, however, that “some brands sell porch and deck satin finish” options.

Gloss Finish Paint – Exterior paint that has a gloss finish is, as you probably assumed, the shiniest and most porous of the three choices available to you. Although this option is extremely durable, it should not be used to paint an entire house. In addition to giving your home a plastic look, this would reflect too much light and show every imperfection.

Instead, homeowners usually stick to using gloss finish paint on doors, railings and columns, window frames, gingerbread trim, and other similar architectural features.

No matter what kind of paint you’re considering for your upcoming project, the team at Hatch Homes would love to tackle the job for you. We do everything from small touch-ups to complete painting overhauls. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and to schedule a preliminary consultation. We’re excited to add you to our roster of satisfied clients throughout the Carolinas!

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