Understanding Ridge Vent Installation Pricing

The fact that you’re reading this guide indicates that you have at least some level of familiarity with roof ridge vents. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve been searching for ways to improve your roof’s ventilation and came across the term “ridge vent.” Or, maybe a contractor who was giving you a quote for a new roof suggested a ridge vent for your residence. In any case, if you’re thinking about having this type of vent installed, it is important to understand how much money you’re going to have to spend. This guide features helpful facts about roof ridge vent pricing.

What exactly is a roof ridge vent? 

Generally, roof ridge vents are installed in homes that have poor roof ventilation for one reason or another. If, for example, you don’t have a good attic vent system, a ridge vent can help improve air circulation and prevent a variety of potential problems, such as poor indoor air quality and mold buildup. These vents are especially common when houses have gable ventilation systems, which are not considered effective by many modern contractors. Ridge vents, as you probably expected, can be found on the ridge of a roof. 

How much does installing a roof ridge vent cost? 

The total price of your roof ridge vent installation will primarily depend on whether you have it put in as part of another roofing project or as a completely separate job. If you already intend to have a new roof installed on your Carolina home soon, adding a ridge vent to the project is likely to cost just $125 or so. If, however, you opt to have a ridge vent installed by itself, the odds are good that you will pay somewhere between $400 and $500. This is largely due to labor costs. Having a ridge vent put in as part of an ongoing roofing job is quite simple, but adding it to an existing roof requires significantly more work for your Carolina roofing crew. 

What issues can impact pricing?

As with any renovation project, there are certain external factors that can impact the total cost of your new ridge vent. Some of these have been outlined in the next section. Even if all of these issues don’t affect your ridge vent installation, at least a couple of them are likely to. Therefore, it is wise to be aware of all of the following factors before your project gets underway. 

    • Length of the roof – The longer the roof, the longer the ridge vent has to be. In turn, more materials have to be purchased for extremely long roofs. If your North Carolina or South Carolina residence has a longer-than-average roof, you can expect more than the average price for your ridge vent. 
    • The type of roof – There are dozens of different roof styles in existence. Some of these are more complex than others. If your roof has multiple levels or elevations, you are likely to need more than one ridge vent. This will, of course, increase the overall cost of the installation project. 
    • Presence of gable vents – In the event that your house already has gable vents, they may actually do more harm than good once your new ridge vents are in place. To combat this, contractors may block or close gable vents. This can add to labor costs in some cases. You will have to consult with your Carolina contractor to find out how much you will owe if you are dealing with this issue. 

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