Understanding Various Types of Windows

If you are about to embark on a remodeling project or simply plan to replace some of the windows you currently have in your home, this is the guide for you! All too often, homeowners fail to research various window types and, instead, purchase the same windows that are already installed throughout their homes. While this can be a good idea, it is well worth learning about multiple window styles so you can feel confident that you really are making the best decision for you and your family. Windows can, after all, make a big difference in the appearance and the general feeling of a room.

  • Double-hung windows – Nowadays, double-hung windows are extremely common in both new builds and renovation projects. These windows generally have a center sash that allows them to be raised or lowered at will. They are easier to clean than single-hung windows and, most parents feel, safer for small children because the panes can be lowered, rather than lifted, to provide fresh air.
  • Casement windows – Casement windows, which can be hung by themselves or in sets of two, generally have hand cranks that allow them to be opened inward or outward, depending on how they are hinged. These side-mounted windows have something of a vintage feel and are the perfect choice for historic Carolina homes. They are also popular in second-story bathrooms and above kitchen sinks, as they provide a wonderful breeze.
  • Awning windows and hopper windows – Awning windows, which are hinged at the top and tilt outward at the bottom, are commonly seen in basements, though they can also be used for other purposes. Their cousin, hopper windows, which are hinged at the bottom and tilt outward at the top, are frequently used above windows that do not open or above doors, where they are sheltered by porch roofs or eaves.
  • Horizontal sliding windows – Horizontal sliding windows have a rather self-explanatory name. These windows consist of two or more panels, at least one of which is fixed in-place and at least one of which slides to allow fresh air in. The primary perk of this window style is that they are perfect for small spaces because the sash doesn’t need room to swing in or out. Additionally, horizontal sliding windows come in a variety of sizes, including large formats that are perfect for looking at beautiful scenery.
  • Bay and bow windows – Both bay and bow windows are extremely popular in historic North Carolina and South Carolina houses and even in many new construction projects. Bay windows are comprised of three panels of glass that project past a home’s exterior walls, providing a bit of extra interior floor space. Bow windows are extremely similar, but have more panes and a curved appearance.

Hopefully this brief guide has helped you better understand some of the most popular sorts of windows that today’s homeowners are buying. If you have questions about window styles or if you are ready to schedule an installation, the team at Hatch Homes is here to help you. Simply call our office to set-up a meeting with our experts.

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