Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance: Roof Replacements Explained

Even though you’ve probably been paying your homeowner’s insurance premiums for years, you might have never taken the time to actually understand what is in your policy. This is very common and doesn’t make you any different than many other homeowners. When, however, the time comes for you to file a claim, understanding your policy becomes quite important.

This is especially true if you’re planning to start a major remodeling project, such as a complete roof replacement. The information in this article will help you know what to look for in your homeowners’ insurance policy, so you aren’t taken aback by unexpected pitfalls and problems once your project is underway.

Read the fine print.

There are certain situations in which insurance agencies will not cover their policyholders’ roof replacement costs. You need to be aware of the wording in your policy to make sure you don’t fall into an excluded category, such as the ones outlined below.

  1. Your roof is old – Generally, policies do not cover replacement materials and labor costs simply because of a roof’s age. If, however, the roof has sustained serious weather damage over its lifetime, it may be covered. Speak to your insurance agent to find out more.
  2. Your roof hasn’t been taken care of – If you have simply neglected your roof through the years or repaired it improperly without the assistance of a licensed contractor, your insurance company may not cover your replacement costs. Again, you will need to speak to an agent to learn what your policy specifically states, but this is an important issue to be aware of.
  3. You want exotic roofing materials – Often, homeowners insurance won’t cover expensive or exotic roofing materials. If, for instance, you think it would be really cool to have cumuru wood on your roof (you’re not wrong!), you’ll probably be on the hook for your own materials. Slate is another product that tends to be blacklisted.

Have a conversation with your agent.

As mentioned in the prior section, it’s incredibly important to speak to someone from your insurance agency prior to starting a roof replacement project. Your contractor will need to be paid no matter what, so if you find out your insurance policy won’t cover the work, you will have to pay for it yourself.

For this reason, it is wise to speak to your agent before you sign any kind of contract. The policyholder will probably send a claims adjuster to inspect your roof before approving your claim. This is a normal part of any insurance agency’s process, so you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Once you have the green light for your home’s upcoming roof replacement, the Hatch Homes crew would love to work with you. We will help you pick materials that will last for years, but won’t impact your insurance payout and we will make sure the labor is done right the first time. Charlotte, NC area homeowners have trusted us for years, and we can’t wait to meet your family too!

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