Unique Color Combinations For the Outside of Your Home

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Whether you are moving into a new home or you’re just ready to renovate the place you’ve already lived in for years, selecting a new exterior color combination can be a task easier said than done! Fortunately, however, there are hundreds of great combos in existence. You just have to figure out which one best suits your tastes and the style of your house. As you look through the rest of this guide, you’ll see a selection of exterior color combinations that are sure to look striking, no matter which one you choose.

  1. Sand and aqua – This color combination is perfect for homes that are located on both North Carolina and South Carolina’s coastlines. Sandy-hued shingles or siding panels paired with an aqua door and trim are ideal for beachy spaces. If you have a relaxed, laid back home, consider using these hues outside.
  2. Red bricks and aqua – It’s important to remember that not all houses have siding or shingles on their exterior walls. Some have a red brick that homeowners aren’t willing to paint over. If this describes your situation, you may also want to consider adding aqua accents, such as a front door, planters, and even shutters. Aqua modernizes traditional red brick and is an excellent choice for families who are trying to add some flair to a conventional space.
  3. Black and white – There are few color combinations more timeless than black and white. The way in which you pair these hues, though, can completely alter the look of a home. A black house with white accents, for instance, will have a much edgier look than a predominantly white residence with black accents. Keep this in mind as you decide what kind of aesthetic you’re going for if you pick this classic combo.
  4. Grey on grey – Grey shades have the uncanny ability to look both classic and modern all at once, which makes grey on grey an especially great option for homes built in the mid-century era. Dark grey exterior walls with light grey accents and a bold door is an excellent option that will attract all the right kinds of attention from passersby.
  5. White and red – Crisp white siding paired with either bright red or dark red accents has a fresh, clean look. Due to its country feel, this combination is especially ideal for homes that are located in rural areas, but it can be used to brighten up just about any house style.
  6. Navy and orange – Navy houses almost always stand out due to their bold color, but pairing navy siding with an orange door is just one more way to kick things up a notch. If you really want your home to stand out, consider adding orange flowers, such as poppies, to your landscaping and using tasteful orange accent pieces, like throw pillows, on your porch.

No matter how drastic of a change you’re looking to make to the appearance of the outside of your house, the Hatch Homes team can help you achieve it. From minor paint jobs to major overhauls, we love transforming residential exteriors. We’ve been helping families in North Carolina, and South Carolina make their dream homes into realities for years, and we’re excited to help you next!

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