Vinyl Siding Institute 101-For Homeowners

When reading through articles and blogs, you may see the letters VSI, when referring to vinyl siding as the topic. But what does VSI even mean? VSI stands for the Vinyl Siding Institute. The VSI is there to provide installers with general guidelines; it is important that they have a good understanding of the specifications set forth by the specific manufacturer of vinyl siding that they are using. While the VSI provides an excellent rule of thumb, the manufacturer would provide even more detail on how to install their material precisely as it was engineered to be installed.

So what does this even mean to you as a homeowner? Well, whether you have decided to reside your home or build a new construction home the quality of the install job is critically important. VSI is the prominent authority of both the vinyl siding manufacturer and the vinyl siding installation industries. When vinyl siding is installed correctly, the product can provide a lifetime of beauty and a maintenance-free look to the exterior. When the product is installed incorrectly, the homeowners will be faced with warped, oil canned, cracked and even a color faded exterior to the home. Due to the abundance of contractors improperly installing vinyl siding, the VSI was created to do two things.
1. Educate contractors on the proper installation of vinyl siding.
2. Certify vinyl siding contractors to provide homeowners with an assurance that they are hiring a remodeling company that uses the best practices for the homeowner’s project. To qualify as a VSI Certified Vinyl Siding installer, a contracting company must attend annual training sessions and pass a yearly examination on the dos and donts of vinyl siding.

If you have already started receiving bids, go to, to see if the contractors are certified members of the VSI. Here at Hatch Homes, we are honored to say that we are a member of the vinyl siding institute. We continually participate in the training seasons and annual examination to stay a step above the rest! In doing so, Hatch Homes, most recent license renewal as a certified vinyl siding installer through the VSI was in September of 2017.

If you are looking for a contractor to install vinyl siding to your home this coming spring, call or email the team at Hatch Homes to begin the planning process for your siding remodel.

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