Vinyl Siding Vs Fiber Cement Siding

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At Hatch Homes we proudly carry both vinyl and fiber cement siding, but what is the cost difference between the two? To come to that answer, let’s break down each option to compare.

Vinyl siding costs an average of $7,00 to $15,000 after installation on the average two-story home. This cost buys you a solid, low maintenance, material that comes in nearly any color you could want. The low maintenance aspect of vinyl makes it very cost friendly over time.
Vinyl siding has the ability to mimic wooden shakes and hand-sawn fish-scale shingles, for a fraction of the cost. Installation of this siding is very affordable compared to other options and can be maintained over time by simply washing with soap and water. It’s important to hire a contractor who is familiar with vinyl siding and has great reviews and references from past clients, but with Hatch Homes, that process is much more comfortable.
Vinyl siding will not crack or warp, and it is resistant to all water or insect damage that other siding options may fall victim to. Overall, vinyl is a great, affordable, and popular choice if you’re considering an exterior home renovation.


Fiber Cement
Vinyl has one major competitor, fiber cement. You may be wondering, what exactly is fiber cement? To put it simply, fiber cement is a mixture of wood pulp and cement that is constructed into boards. Similar to vinyl, this siding can take on nearly any color you would want, and it is very durable over time. The average cost for a fiber cement installation is between $14,000 and $16,000 due to a lengthy installation process and heavy materials requiring special tools.
Fiber cement is an excellent option for long-term siding that should never need to be replaced. The installation process tends to take longer and involve more labor, which is what causes the higher price tag. The look of fiber cement siding isn’t quite as adaptable as vinyl, but it can be cut and textured into different ways to fit your taste.


At you can take a close look at all vinyl and fiber cement options and pricing that Hatch Homes has to offer. We’re experts serving you in the Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, Winston Salem, NC, and surrounding areas. Set up a pressure-free consultation to get a quote and learn if vinyl of fiber cement better fits into your budget. Take advantage of our online tools to explore what different color and textures options will look like on a real home and discover your vision today.

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