Vinyl vs. Andersen Windows

Choosing Between Vinyl Windows & Andersen Windows For Carolina Homeowners

Making the right decision with your replacement windows takes careful research, planning, and attention. Every window type is going to have its own distinctive set of perks, so it’s important to do the right research to figure out what’s going to work best for your home. This includes comparing different window styles and manufacturers! Two of the most popular window materials right now are vinyl windows and Andersen Fibrex windows. Comparing the two options will make it much easier for you to narrow down your selection – we’ll go over everything you need to know about both sets of windows below!

Comparing The Materials

Before we can get into the perks that each window type has to offer, you should have a good idea as to what each material is made from! We’ll compare Fibrex to vinyl in terms of their base structure below:


  • Vinyl Windows: These windows were first introduced as a cheaper alternative to wood and are made from PVC plastic. They don’t require a ton of maintenance work, which makes them an attractive option for those not looking for a huge amount of upkeep.
  • Fibrex Windows: Fibrex windows are exclusive to Andersen and are also a better option than wood! They are made with a combination of plastic polymer and wood fibers to create a material that resists all weather elements and decay.


The biggest difference between the material of vinyl windows and Fibrex windows is their durability. Vinyl windows are more susceptible to warping and cracking caused by inclement weather conditions, while Fibrex windows are much stronger against the elements.

Anderson Black Window Frames

Comparing The Longevity

In terms of how long both of these window materials last, they have very comparable lifespans. The average lifespan of both Fibrex windows and vinyl windows is around 20 years, although Fibrex windows can last for even longer than that. At the top end, Fibrex windows can last for almost 35 years without needing to be replaced! Vinyl windows, on the other hand, don’t last for nearly as long. 20 years should be considered to be at the higher end of how long they can last.

Comparing Their Strength

While they may have lifespans and material compositions that are relatively similar to each other, the strength of both of these window materials isn’t at all! When it comes to strength, Fibrex windows are easily the superior option. In fact, Andersen Fibrex windows are proven to be 200% stronger than their vinyl counterparts! They resist the weather much better than vinyl, as they can resist even the most extreme hot and cold temperatures without showing signs of decay. In terms of compressive strength, this trait is exactly the same – Fibrex windows are easily the better option.

Comparing Their Costs

Vinyl windows are cheaper to install than Andersen’s Fibrex windows, but you’re paying for increased quality and durability. So, while vinyl windows might be a better option from a financial perspective, Fibrex windows may actually end up saving you money in the long run.

Living Room Vinyl Window

Check Out How Vinyl Windows Compare To Andersen Windows Below!

Vinyl vs. Andersen chart comparing window features
Kitchen Vinyl Windows

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