Warning Signs That A Window Seal Has Failed

Warning Signs That a Window Seal Has Failed

Although most homeowners don’t give their windows much thought until they stop functioning properly, windows actually play a huge role in having a functional home. When a window fails for one reason or another, a variety of problems can occur. These include higher utility bills, wood rot, and mold infestations. 

One common issue with residential windows is seal failure. However, if you do not know much about window maintenance, which many homeowners do not, it can be difficult to know for sure if you’re dealing with a failed seal or another issue entirely. 

Here, you will learn more about common warning signs that a window seal has failed. You will also discover exactly what a window seal is and why it matters. 


What is a window seal?

In bygone eras, windows had one pane of glass to protect the interior of your home from precipitation, bitter cold, and extreme heat outside. While single-pane windows still exist, they are not common in this day and age. The vast majority of modern windows are double-paned or triple-paned. 

Argon gas is pumped in between each pane to serve as an extra layer of insulation. Then, to keep the gas from escaping, the windows are sealed. As you can imagine, when a seal breaks, problems can quickly arise. 


What issues occur when a window seal breaks?

When a window seal breaks or malfunctions, there are a number of issues that can occur. Some of the most common problems are outlined below:

  1. The argon gas escapes almost immediately, leaving your windows less energy efficient than they previously were. This can lead to higher utility bills.
  2. The broken seal can allow moisture and condensation to form, ultimately causing all sorts of damage to your home, from wood rot to mold growth. 
  3. Debris, like leaves and twigs, can work their way into the spaces between your window panes. This makes your home look unkempt and, without a window replacement, there may not be a good way to remove the lawn waste. 


How can you tell a seal has broken?

There are a few telltale signs that a window seal has broken. One surefire way to tell is if you clean your windows and they still appear to be dirty afterward – this likely means that the grime is inside of the window panes as the result of a broken window seal. 

Another way to tell that you are dealing with a broken window seal is to look for condensation on your windows. This is a major red flag that the seal is no longer working properly. 

Finally, if you’ve noticed an influx of insects in your home, the odds are good that you need to address your window seal situation sooner rather than later. Bugs can work their way into your house through even the tiniest cracks once seals have broken. 


How can window seals be fixed?

It is important to note that window seals cannot be repaired, so you will need to have a window replacement to fix the problem. In some cases, partial window replacements – in which just the panes are replaced – can be used to correct broken seals. In other situations, however, contractors may suggest a full window replacement instead. 

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