Ways to Camouflage Your TV at Home

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In this day and age, there are very few households that lack television sets. However, there are also an increasing number of homeowners who don’t want their TVs to be major visual focal points in their living spaces. This has led to a rise in the number of ways modern flat-panel TVs can be camouflaged or hidden at home. As you read this guide, you will discover several techniques for making your family’s TV less obvious, no matter how large it happens to be. 

      1. Utilize patterns to your advantage – Since TVs are black when they are off, one easy way to camouflage them is to mount them on walls that are covered with dark wallpaper. Fortunately, bold, graphic wallpaper has become quite trendy in recent years, so there is no shortage of options on the market. Furthermore, if you choose a patterned style, your TV set is sure to blend in rather than draw the eye. 
      2. Use it as part of a gallery wall – Today’s wall-mounted flat-panel televisions are aesthetically appealing, and if you have an eye for design, easy to incorporate directly into gallery walls. Surround your TV with mirrors, photographs, and artwork to help it look completely at home in your space. Individual televisions even come equipped with photo galleries, so you can display a treasured image as a screensaver that will further enhance your gallery wall. 
      3. Shift the focus with symmetry – If you have shelving or open wall space on either side of your television set, you can easily detract attention from it with symmetrical styling. Colorful art prints, books, and frames featuring beloved family photos are all excellent options for helping your television disappear into the background. If you need inspiration for how to symmetrically style your wall, home design magazines and websites are great places to look. 
      4. Embrace contemporary lines – Modern interior decorating often incorporates clean lines and sharp angles. If this is the overall style you’re going for in your Carolina home, you should easily be able to camouflage your television. Consider, for instance, hanging your TV on a wall that already features architectural geometric shapes. This will help it blend in perfectly. 

In keeping with the fourth suggestion, it is important to keep the general style of your home in mind as you search for the best way to make your TV less obvious. If, for example, you reside in a traditional home, an avant-garde decorating solution may not be the right choice for you. If, on the other hand, you live in an urban North Carolina loft, you might not want to use a basic solution, such as an entertainment cabinet, to cover your television set. 

Figuring out precisely how to camouflage your flat panel television may take some time, but you are sure to hit on the right solution for you eventually! Hopefully, these ideas have sparked your creativity and given you some notions you didn’t have before. If you get stuck, any reputable Charlotte, NC interior designer should be able to provide you with assistance. Many decorators offer hourly services that are affordable on any budget. 

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