Ways to Make Your Fireplace More Energy Efficient

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When the weather outside is frightful, there is often nothing better than curling up with a cozy blanket next to a fireplace. Unfortunately for homeowners, however, fireplaces are far from the most energy-efficient way to heat a home. If you love your fireplace, though, there are some things you can do to improve its energy efficiency. You will learn more about the steps you can take as you read on.

Don’t leave the damper open

The damper is a crucial component of all fireplaces. It is a metal plate situated above the fire grate. Dampers are intended to keep heat inside the house when a fireplace is lit and to prevent it from escaping even after the fire goes out. Over the course of time, however, fireplace dampers can start to warp and bend, allowing air to escape. If your damper doesn’t fit tightly, you should have it replaced. Leaving the damper open entirely is certain to result in higher energy bills. Therefore, every time you use your fireplace, make sure the damper stays closed.

Add fireplace doors

If your home’s fireplace is currently open, adding doors to it is an excellent way to improve energy efficiency. Generally, though, without some post-installation tweaking, off-the-rack doors aren’t designed to prevent all air leaks. You will either have to spend time sealing them yourself or invest in custom doors that fit your fireplace correctly. Closing the doors whenever your fireplace isn’t burning is an excellent way to keep heat in your home. You should also invest in a mesh fireplace screen that can be pulled close to the flames when you have a fire going.

Close the doors to the space

Typically, modern homeowners don’t use fireplaces as their sole source of heat. Instead, they use them as much for ambiance and coziness as for actual warmth. If this describes you, closing the doors to the room, your fireplace is in is an excellent way to make it more energy-efficient. The fireplace will only heat the room you’re in, rather than sending heat throughout your home when you are just using one space.

Schedule an annual chimney cleaning

Having your chimney cleaned and inspected every year is critical to both maximum energy efficiency and overall safety. Chimney cleaning professionals understand what red flags they should be looking for to prevent chimney fires, ultimately keeping you and your family safe from harm. The experts you hire should also look for cracks and holes on the exterior of your chimney that need to be sealed in order to prevent heat loss. Furthermore, fires are at their most efficient when they have a clean chimney in which to burn.

There are dozens of reputable chimney cleaning companies in North Carolina and South Carolina. If you are struggling to figure out which one to hire, turn to the internet for help. Consumer review websites can be extremely helpful when you are searching for home services professionals. You should also rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and relatives who regularly use a particular Carolina chimney cleaning business.

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