What are Change Orders?

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One of the primary drivers of customer dissatisfaction within the home improvement industry is that homeowners think they are going to pay one price and they end up paying a higher one. Often times, an increased exterior remodeling price is a direct result of a change order.

In the construction world, a change order refers to a modification of the scope of work for a construction project. For example, a homeowner hires a contractor to replace their siding. The property owner may want to replace their windows while the old siding is taken off the house. The remodeling company that was contracted to replace the siding will add a change order to the scope of work in order to include pricing for the replacement of windows.

Change orders cause frustration to property owners who hire exterior remodeling companies because, often times, these contractors pass along change orders without increasing the scope of work. An example of this is a contractor failing to understand all of the elements required to execute a particular renovation. Half way though the project, the contractor realizes that they did not consider all of the labor or materials required to complete the project to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Homeowners should take time to interview multiple contractors to ensure that the exterior remodeling company that they choose is knowledgeable on what a particular project will require from both a material and labor standpoint. When individuals partner with a qualified remodeling company, homeowners should anticipate minimal change orders in an effort to avoid being hit by multiple curveballs. Ask your contractor about the potential change orders or unperceived complications that a project may incur prior to finalizing a contract with a remodeling company.

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