What Are the Warning Signs of Bad Roofing Work?

If you had a new roof installed on your North Carolina or South Carolina home in the recent past, and you’re already unhappy with it, you’re not alone. Too many homeowners every year find themselves the victims of botched roofing jobs, and aren’t sure how to handle it. In this guide, you will learn about some of the red flags that might mean you need to have your roof replaced already, even if it isn’t very old. 


Remember, if you are dealing with bad roofing work, it is worth contacting your homeowners insurance agency before you do anything else — they can help you understand what options you may have and if there is any way to get the money you spent on the original job back before having the project redone by a reputable contractor. 


Look from the bottom up. 

The first thing you should do is stand in your yard and look up at your home’s roofline. Check for any uniformity problems — this sounds like a complicated roofing industry term, but it merely means you should check for any differences between roofing sections. If, for instance, one area appears to be aging more rapidly than another, it’s important to take note. This can be an indication that the roofing materials were not installed correctly. 


Check for missing shingles. 


Properly installed shingles should not fall off unless there is a good reason, such as strong winds or another weather event. If your region of the Carolinas hasn’t experienced inclement weather recently and you notice missing shingles on your roof, you need to have the issue dealt with sooner rather than later. The longer these uncovered areas of your roof are exposed to the elements, the more issues you are likely to find yourself dealing with. Vermin infestations, water damage, and mold growth are all possible, for instance. 


Make sure your roof covering is identical.


In some cases, disreputable roofing contractors will leave sections of roof that still appear to be in good condition and replace those areas that have clear problems. This is unethical to be sure, but it still happens. And, because most homeowners don’t spend much time on their roofs, it can take months — or even years, in certain circumstances — to notice. If you see some sections of your roof that look newer than others, it’s a major red flag.


Make note of any interior issues. 


Sometimes bad roofing jobs exhibit on the interior of a home first. If you’ve noticed any water stains that weren’t there before on your walls or ceilings, leaks that have never existed previously, or any other similar issues, it’s a good idea to take photos and to write down exactly when you first saw the problem. This way, your insurance agent and your new contractor will have an idea of when the damage from your botched renovation job actually began occurring.

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