What Causes Windows to Leak?

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If you’re like many other North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners, you dread the arrival of spring as much as you look forward to it because of leaks in your home. Although leaks are especially common in older houses, they can even occur in newly-constructed residences. Windows are among the most common spots for leaks. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which you’ll learn about as you read the rest of this brief guide. 

Installation problems – Installation issues are one of the main culprits in regard to leaky windows. There are all manner of things that can go wrong during the window installation process, especially if the contractor isn’t experienced or reputable. Failure to use high-quality house wrap is one major issue. Cheaply made house wrap options can rip or pull away, leaving open spaces for water to seep in between window frames and studs. 

Failure to install flashing and caulk window flanges are two other installation errors that can lead to severe leaks. Often, these two problems go hand-in-hand, since both are designed to seal windows from moisture. If you are concerned about how your windows were installed, call a reliable, trustworthy Carolina contractor to perform an inspection. 

Design problems – In certain situations, the windows in residences are simply subject to poor design. Sometimes, for example, few, if any, overhangs are added above window frames. This can go a long way toward deflecting rainwater. In other cases, windows are grouped together too tightly for proper sealing precautions to be taken. 

Rarely, the design of the window itself can result in problems. Window frames that feature arched tops, for instance, are more likely to have leaks than those with flat upper edges. Arched windows are popular in Southern states like North Carolina and South Carolina, so it is important for Carolina homeowners to be particularly vigilant about looking for leaks. 

Upkeep problems – From time to time, neglect can lead to window leaks. If it’s been a long time since your home’s gutters were cleaned, for instance, the likelihood of leaks around your windows will increase. This is because rainwater can spill out of clogged or tilted gutters, ultimately finding its way through even the smallest gaps and cracks around your window frames. It is also important to have any cracked panes replaced right away.

Cracked or hardened caulking is another potential maintenance issue. Homeowners who don’t do a lot of DIY projects may not even realize that caulk needs to be inspected at least once a year. If you see any cracks or crumbling areas, it’s important to scrape away the old sections and put in new caulking as soon as you can. If you’re uncomfortable doing this project on your own, call a local window contractor. 

The team at Hatch Homes loves the Carolinas as much as you do, even in rainy weather. We want to make sure your home is as safe and secure as possible for your family to make memories. If you’re currently dealing with window leaks, give us a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation. 

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