What Factors Can Impact the Cost of New Windows?

Whether you built your home quite a few years ago or you moved into an existing residence, if it has been more than 10 years since the windows in your North Carolina or South Carolina house were replaced, it’s time to look into investing in replacement windows. Even if nothing is actually wrong with your current window panes and frames, energy efficiency has increased dramatically over the last decade, so it is well worth looking into the current options on the market. 

As you continue reading this guide, you’ll learn about some of the factors that can play a role in replacement window cost. When you begin researching window models, you are likely to be struck by the fact that they vary dramatically in price. Hopefully, the information you find here will make the selection process easier for you. 

Full or partial replacement – First, you need to consider whether you want to invest in full replacement windows or partial replacement windows. A full replacement job involves a new windowpane as well as a new window frame. In a partial replacement project, however, the original frame generally remains, and only a new pane is installed. If your existing window frame is rotting, cracked, or has other issues, however, it may have to be replaced. 

Material – There are three primary materials that can be used to make window frames. These are wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Some North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners prefer wood because it has a unique, rustic aesthetic and, in some cases, because vinyl and fiberglass didn’t exist when their homes were built. Historical accuracy trumps easy maintenance for certain Carolinians; wood is the most upkeep-intensive window frame option.

Both vinyl and fiberglass window frames have similar appearances. They are usually white (although other colors are available from some manufacturers), can be wiped clean, and are quite durable. Fiberglass is the stronger of the two materials, but it is also significantly more expensive. Vinyl is the most popular window frame material on the market right now. 

The type of glass – There are various kinds of window glass available to today’s homeowners. Low-E glass, for instance, is engineered with a coating that improves energy efficiency and prevents UV rays from damaging artwork, photographs, and upholstery inside of a home. It is also, however, more expensive than traditional glass. 

Custom sizes – Modern windows are sold in standard sizes that can be purchased from any brand. Some houses, however, do not have standard sized window openings. Fully custom new builds and historic residences both sometimes require oddly sized window panes and frames. If you have to have windows custom-made for your project, you can expect to pay more than a homeowner who is able to purchase off-the-rack windows or his or her entire job. 

It is also important to remember that the brand of your new windows and your installation contractor’s labor fees will play a role in how much your final cost is. If you have questions about your upcoming Carolina window replacement project or if you would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our expert team, give Hatch Homes a call today. 

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