What Siding Materials Need Paint?

If you’re thinking about investing in new siding for your North Carolina or South Carolina residence, it’s important to think about how much maintenance you want to do in the long run. Certain types of siding, such as the increasingly popular fiber cement option, don’t generally require much upkeep once they are installed. Other cladding materials, though, need to be painted periodically once they’ve been put on your home’s exterior walls. 

Here, you’ll learn more about three siding materials that tend to need paint at some point in time. If you choose to install any of these cladding options, you will need to either be prepared to paint the outside of your house yourself periodically or hire professionals to do the exterior painting job for you every year or two. 

Wood siding boards

When people think about siding materials that need to be painted, wood often comes to mind first. Wood siding is notorious for being high-maintenance, but homeowners continue to use it because they love the way it looks. If you opt to have wood siding installed on your Carolina home, there are several finish options available to you. 

Paint, of course, is one choice. If you want your wood siding boards to be a specific color not found in nature, painting the exterior of your house every year or two might be your only option. If, however, you prefer a more rustic, natural look, consider staining your wood siding instead. This aesthetic is trendy right now and you can go five or ten years, rather than one or two before you have to redo it. 

Vinyl siding boards

Before we delve into this section, it’s important to note that vinyl siding differs from wood siding in that it should never have to be painted. Vinyl is available in a wide range of colors, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a shade you like. The problem generally occurs when Carolina homeowners become bored with their original vinyl siding selection before its 20 to 25-year lifespan ends.

If you opt to paint vinyl siding, it is crucial to purchase vinyl safe paint that is specifically formulated for exterior use. If you have questions, your painting contractor or a salesperson at your local hardware store can help you find the right product for your upcoming project. 

Aluminum siding boards

Like vinyl siding, aluminum siding doesn’t have to be painted. Over time, however, the original color of aluminum siding boards tends to get “baked” on by the sun, giving it a chalky appearance. If this bothers you, you may decide to start painting your siding every couple of years rather than have the entire outside of your home remodeled. 

If you ultimately decide to have brand new siding installed on your house in North Carolina or South Carolina, don’t hesitate to contact the Hatch Homes team. We have experience with numerous siding materials and can help you achieve whatever look you’re going for. Call our office to learn more about our services and to set-up a free consultation. 

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