What Time of Year Should I Paint My Home’s Exterior?

If you are thinking about repainting the outside of your North Carolina or South Carolina residence, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration. These two states — while both are located in the American Southeast — have differing climates. As a matter of fact, you can experience multiple climates within each of these states. North Carolina, for example, has both mountainous, high-altitude areas and warm, coastal locales. 

All this to say, the area of the Carolinas in which you reside can play a major role in when the best time of year to paint your home’s exterior cladding actually is. As you read the remainder of this guide, you’ll discover a few key things to think about before you hire professional house painters or begin painting the outside of your home yourself. Generally, for the sake of time, if nothing else, hiring experts is better than DIY in regard to painting, but some homeowners do decide to tackle this big renovation project by themselves. 

Consider the summer weather

As a general rule, summer is the best time of year to paint a house — this is because rainy springtime weather isn’t ideal for painting contractors, and neither is the cold winter season. In some regions, however, Carolina homeowners might find that summertime does not work well for house painting. This is because extreme heat is not good for certain types of paint, especially while it is wet. 

If your area tends to get particularly hot and balmy during the summer months, make sure you talk to your painters before scheduling a start date. They might recommend waiting until fall arrives or, possibly, tell you to purchase a specific brand of paint that is designed to withstand hotter temperatures. It’s also wise to do your research before choosing a paint for your house. You may find that some brands are better suited for the climate where you live than others. 

Winter might actually be best

If you happen to live in a particularly hot and humid area of the Carolinas — this is more likely to impact South Carolina residents than those in North Carolina — winter might actually be the best season to paint your house. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, winter is less humid than spring and summer. The drier air will help paint dry more easily, which typically leads to fewer streaks and other related issues. 

In addition, some paint can’t be put on above a certain temperature. In areas that experience extremely hot summer seasons, mild winter temperatures are often actually better for painting outdoors. Finally, the cooler it is outside (within reason, of course), the more comfortable your painting crew will be — and you won’t have to worry about anyone getting heatstroke!

Again, if you have questions regarding house painting, it is best to contact a professional team in your area before getting started. 

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