What Will Happen During My Home Gutter Installation?

If you’re ready to have new gutters installed on your house in North Carolina or South Carolina, you might be wondering exactly what to expect during the installation process. This is especially true for first-time homeowners who have never had gutters installed in the past. In this guide, you will discover how your upcoming gutter installation is likely to go — and learn how you can make this home renovation project as smooth as possible for everyone involved!


Pick the right gutter style for you. 


While you’ve probably already realized that there are multiple types of gutter materials — namely, copper, steel, zinc, aluminum, and vinyl — you might not be aware that there are also several gutter designs from which homeowners can select. Before your gutter installation can officially get underway, you will need to determine which style best suits your personal tastes. Here, we take a look at the most popular gutter options among today’s homeowners. 


K-style gutters – These gutters have been steadily rising in popularity over the past 20 to 30 years because they have a more decorative appearance than other kinds of gutters. K-style gutters are also easy to install because they can be nailed into the fascia board, which allows contractors to save time. 


Half-round gutters – These gutters feature rounded pipes with no tops. They are not as popular today, but are often found on older houses that haven’t had the gutters replaced in awhile. Since half-round gutters are curved, installers must use brackets to keep them secure. This adds an extra step to the installation process compared to K-style gutters. 


Fully custom gutters – Customized gutters usually made from aluminum, but can be crafted from any gutter material. These gutters are specifically designed for a home, and are typically less conspicuous than premade gutter systems. Fully custom gutters are, however, more costly than mass-manufactured products simply because they require a great deal of time and labor to create. 


Talk to your contractor.

The best way to make sure everyone involved in your gutter installation project has a great experience is to have excellent communication with your contractor and his or her team. The more you know about his or her workflow, the easier it will be for you to incorporate the renovation job into your everyday life. 


If, for example, you have small children who nap at a specific time each day, and you know gutter work will be occurring during that time frame beforehand, you can make plans to visit a friend or family member’s home for naps for a few days until the project is complete.


Furthermore, having a conversation with your contractor about what to expect will give you the opportunity to prep certain things for the crew. Perhaps, for example, there are tree limbs on your property that need to be trimmed before your gutters are accessible. Making sure this is done will make things much easier for your installation team and may, in fact, save you money since the labor will be easier. 


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