What You Should Know About Aluminum Windows

These days, aluminum windows are becoming a really popular choice.  They are pretty durable, and they are easy to keep up. They also have a sleek design, making them pretty aesthetically pleasing.  These frames have thermal breaks that allow them to be more energy efficient. They are usually welded together, or held together by screws.  

There are many reasons that people choose aluminum windows.  First of all, aluminum windows do not crack or peel. This keeps them looking great longer, so that they stand the test of time better than some of the other window frame types on the market.  They also do not tend to bend or warp, and they can be painted to suit your home décor.

Aluminum frames are also more expensive than fiberglass or vinyl frames.  While they are more expensive, they do withstand more weathering than some of the other frame types.  They are also a common choice for more modern homes, as they have that sleek and slim design to them.

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The Advantages of Choosing Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows offer the most durability of just about any window frame on the market.  This is because aluminum is one of the strongest materials used in window frames. It really does withstand the weather and other elements, as well as changes in temperature.  Another advantage is that they have a sleek design. This design helps to give you more of a modern look with your windows. They can also be painted, unlike some of the other types of frames on the market.

On top of being strong and durable, they are really light.  This makes them easy to maneuver. They also don’t require you to do a lot of upkeep to keep them maintained.  This is especially true if you opt for a finish on your frames, such as a factory baked finish or an anodized finish.  These can really improve durability as well.

Many homeowners also opt for aluminum windows if they have windows with an odd shape.  This is because the aluminum is really easy to manipulate to give you the frame shape and size that you need.  You can also get extremely large frames, since they are made with thermal breaks that break up the frame. This type of window frame is just really very versatile.  

The Disadvantages of Choosing Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows may be really durable and stylish, but they do come with their fair share of drawbacks.  First of all, aluminum windows are not very energy efficient. Aluminum is actually a conductor for heat, so heat comes through fairly easily.  This makes them less energy efficient than some of the other materials that are commonly used for window frames. They do have thermal breaks that can help to increase their efficiency, but they are not going to be as efficient as other types of frames that are available.

Another big drawback that comes with aluminum windows is that they are pretty expensive.  They are actually one of the most expensive window options, next to wooden frames. While they are expensive, they do tend to be more durable.  This means that you will likely not have to worry about replacing them for quite some time. While they are more durable, they do tend to be dented easily.  If you dent your aluminum frames, they can often be difficult to fix. This usually results in your having to replace them altogether.

The Most Common Manufacturers of Aluminum Windows

There are a lot of different manufacturers of aluminum frames.  Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Andersen Aluminum Windows
  • Harvey Aluminum Windows
  • Loewen Aluminum Windows
  • Marvin Aluminum Windows
  • Milgard Aluminum Windows
  • Ply Gem Aluminum Windows
  • PGT Aluminum Windows
  • Silverline Aluminum Windows
  • Simonton Aluminum Windows
  • Wallside Aluminum Windows

These are just a few of the top manufacturers that you may consider when you are shopping for aluminum windows. Your installer will also be able to recommend other brand names for manufacturers.  Make sure that you check into the warranty information for the windows before choosing a manufacturer.

Options with Aluminum Windows

There are a lot of different types of aluminum windows to consider.  While they are made of aluminum, you can consider getting a finish applied to give them more of an aesthetic appeal.  Typically, they are coated with powdered coated finish. You can choose from a variety of colors, and can even choose a different type of finish.  Some of the most popular are the gloss finish, the satin finish, and a matte finish. You can also opt for dual colors, allowing them to be white on the inside, and a regular aluminum color on the outdoors of your home.

Choosing the Right Window Size

When you are in the market for new windows, it is important to choose the correct size frame.  This will ensure that your windows sit properly. If you choose a frame that is too small, then you may have areas that let in a draft of air, or you may not get as much security from the windows as you would if they had a good fit.  If you choose a frame that is too large, then you will either have to return the frames or you will have to have a larger hole cut into your wall for the window to fit. This can cost a pretty penny. You really need to have a professional window installer come out to your home to take measurements of the window space.  

Professional installation is also recommended, to ensure a proper seal around your window frames. If you have a professional come out to install your windows, you can rest assured that the windows will be installed properly.  This means that they will be properly measured, placed and sealed. It also usually means that you will not have to replace your windows as often if they are installed right the first time around.

Understanding Thermal Breaks in Aluminum Window Frames

The thermal breaks are included in aluminum frames to help them be more efficient.  They are spaces made into the frame. These frames are hollow inside, and the different chambers of the frame are not connected to each other.  The open sections give the frame a thermal break. Here you will find insulators that have been installed to improve durability of the frame, and keep the heat from getting in as much.  Without the thermal breaks, the windows would not offer much energy efficiency at all. Even with the breaks, however, they are still not the most efficient option.

Should You Replace Your Windows with Aluminum Windows?

If you are looking to replace your windows, you may be considering aluminum as an option.  The truth is that you need to ask yourself a few questions. Make sure that you look at the windows to ensure adequate amounts of thermal breaks, or you may not be pleased with the amount of heat that is being let into your house through the frames.  This will be a deciding factor on whether or not you should go with aluminum frames. The more breaks the frame has, the better it will be at keeping out heat.

If you live in an area where the temperatures to do not reach extreme highs or extreme lows, then aluminum may be a good choice.  It may not really matter that they are not as energy efficient if you are not really worried about the temperature changes. The aluminum frames these days are actually much more efficient than they were just a few decades ago.  They have come a long way with improving their overall efficiency.

Aluminum Windows Compared to Wood Windows

Wood windows typically give more of an aesthetic appeal.  They are also do not conduct heat very much, so they will help to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer months.  If you live in an area where the weather reaches extreme temperatures, you may consider wood over aluminum. Wood, however, does typically require you to do more maintenance, and they are usually more expensive.  

Aluminum Windows Compared to Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are really generally maintenance free.  Once you install them, you really don’t have to do much to them at all other than keep them cleaned.  They are also really easy to clean. Vinyl also does not conduct heat very well, so that helps them to be more energy efficient than an aluminum frame.  Vinyl frames are usually welded, so they don’t let any air or water through. They also do not let any condensation come in between the panes, which is something that you sometimes find with aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows and vinyl windows are usually pretty equally easy when it comes to their functionality, and you should not run into any issues with sticking.  They vinyl windows usually just do not last as long as the aluminum windows. This is something to keep in mind.

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