When Is It Safe To Install James Hardie Siding?

Beyond making sure the material is installed correctly. When the product is installed is very important too. There are many weather conditions where it is appropriate to install James Hardie and conditions that can null the warranty of the product. The following are weather conditions in which James Hardie can NOT be installed.
1. Cold temperatures- It goes against Hardie specifications to install the pre-finished or Colorplus siding at or below 30 degrees. This is the case because caulk or touch up paint will not properly adhere to the material. Colorplus should not be applied anywhere near 40 degrees. This is because while the external temp may be above 40 degrees, the material itself may still be at 32 degrees or below.
2. Extreme Weather- James Hardie siding should not be installed when raining or snowing. While one may think it is due to our install crews not enjoying the rain, it is because rain negatively affects your siding install if James Hardie is applied during precipitation. This is due to the prime ingredient of fiber cement siding, is cement. When James Hardie (cement) is cut, you create cement dust. Whenever cement dust gets wet, it sticks where it lands. During the installation of James Hardie while raining or snowing these cement specs end up sticking to the material which leaves a speckled finish on the end product.

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