When to Do-It-Yourself and When to Call in the Pros

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When you’re about to embark on a remodeling project of any kind, one of the toughest decisions you have to make is whether you want to tackle the job on your own or hire a professional team to do it for you. While there’s no hard-and-fast rule for when you should DIY and when you should stay on the sidelines, there are several things you can consider to help you make the right call.

This guide will teach you about just a few of the issues you need to evaluate. If you think through these things carefully, you should get a clear idea of whether or not the project is something you’re capable of doing correctly. Remember, if you are ever uncertain about a job, or decide you need professional help halfway through, don’t hesitate to admit you were wrong. It’s always better to get assistance late than do something that has to be extensively repaired later.

What is your gut telling you?

This might seem like an odd question to start with, but it’s actually very important when it comes to whether or not you should do any given home renovation job on your own. Some projects are extremely sentimental; if you know you’re going to regret not doing a particular task with your own hands, you should give it a try on your own. This is especially true if it’s a project that will yield a physical item, like a piece of furniture or artwork, you’d like to pass down.

Do bear in mind, though, that this question goes out the window if there is a chance of you getting seriously injured in the process of the job. Don’t ever put yourself or your family at risk just because you’re conflicted about hiring out a particular task.

What is your budget?

Sometimes, do-it-yourself projects occur out of necessity rather than desire. If there’s something you’d like done around the house, but hiring a professional is going to cost double or triple what you could do it for on your own, you might find yourself unable to work with an expert. Sometimes budgetary restraints dictate DIY; in this situation, make sure you do all of the necessary research and, if you run into any problems, don’t finish until you have saved the money to consult with a reputable contractor.

Is there a warranty involved?

Oftentimes, warranties and guarantees are only valid when professional installation occurs. If, for instance, you are buying new doors, you may want to double-check the manufacturer’s policies to find out if any protection plans will still be valid if you install them yourself. If you want to make sure you have a warranty on whatever project you’re doing, it may be necessary for you to hire a licensed contractor.

At Hatch Homes, we enjoy doing all sorts of projects, both big and small. No matter what changes you’re thinking about making to your home, we can help you for a reasonable price. If you’re on the fence about doing something yourself, give us a call and let us see if we can give you a quote that works; this will alleviate a great deal of stress for you. We’ve been serving customers all over the Carolinas for years and are excited to work with you too!

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