Which Home Renovation Projects Offer the Top ROI?

When it comes to making changes to your home, it’s important to love what you do — after all, you have to live there! But, it’s also wise to consider the return on investment (ROI) various projects have before you dive into any type of renovation job. This is especially important if you ever intend to sell your Carolina home. 


Here, we take a look at some renovations that are sure to improve your family’s quality of life, and have a positive impact on the list price of your residence if you ever do decide to put it on the market. 


A new roof and gutter system. 


Roofs and gutters are two residential features that people don’t tend to think too much about until something goes wrong. However, having your roof and gutter system replaced before problems arise is actually quite smart. Not only is this likely to save you money on repair bills — water damage can be expensive to undo — but it will save you the trouble of dealing with leaks and potential structural damage. 


Furthermore, homes with newly installed roofing materials and gutter pipes tend to go for a much higher price than those with old roofs. 


New siding. 


Brand new siding is a great way to change up the look of your North Carolina or South Carolina residence, and this project typically offers an exceptional return on investment. Many experts estimate that homeowners get an ROI of nearly 90% when they have new siding installed on their homes shortly before selling. 


The better your new siding is, the higher your overall return on investment is likely to be. For example, choosing fiber cement boards instead of aluminum siding is a smart move in the long run. 


Energy efficient windows. 


Upgrading your home’s windows to new, energy efficient styles is a great way to lower your utility bills and keep your family comfortable now, plus get a high return on investment in the future. Many window brands offer EnergyStar rated products that are designed to optimize interior temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside — choosing a product like this can also earn you up to an 85% ROI if you put your property on the market. 


High-end doors.


Investing in new entry doors for your home may not seem like the most important purchase you could make, but this seemingly minor renovation project can actually earn you an excellent return. Not only do high-end doors instantly boost curb appeal — a perk both for you right now and for future buyers — but the more well-made a door is, the more energy efficient it tends to be. 


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