Why Mastic -Insulated Siding

PlyGem Mastic Structure Insulated Siding

A continuous blanket of insulation. On homes, insulation is most commonly found between the studs in an exterior wall. Heat can, however, escape in the winter whereas, in the summer, heat enters in through gaps and holes around your windows, doors and across wall studs.

Structure® Home Insulation SystemTM covers not only the exterior walls with a layer of insulation but also covers the problem areas around windows, doors and corners with a range of insulated accessories.

Structure Home Insulation System – Covers the whole wall with a thick layer of insulation to prevent thermal bridging.

Pictured to the right is an example of what thermal bridging looks like through an infrared camera.

Thermal heat camera
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Structure Home Insulation System has a more significant insulation power than other options available in the industry.

On average a family of four produces around six gallons of water vapor a day. The water vapor has to escape to prevent moisture from accumulation and to cause severe problems in your walls. Structure Home Insulation System allows that moisture to flee your home while protecting you from the elements

Why air flow is important for all siding typesTriple Protection Against the Elements

  • Created with Duranyl 5000® the siding becomes resistant to fading and weathering. Even the darkest colors maintain their rich hues. 
  • Rigid substrate adds strength, maintains flatness and improves impact resistance.Up to 1-1/4″ of insulation boosts R-value of exterior walls and helps save energy year-round.

Breathable Insulation For A Healthier Home

  • The EPS foam backing has a permeability Rating of five.
  • EPS foam is breathable in order for the water vapor to escape.This helps prevent mold and mildew from building up under the siding.
  • Rigid foam insulation combined with vinyl siding improves the curb appeal of your home. You are able to have the look and feel from a traditional wood siding but minus the maintenance.
  • Panels are wider than any other vinyl siding which helps them maintain their shape under pressure. The added benefit of foam insulation is it tightens the seams between panels for an overall seamless look.

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