Why Mastic- Low Maintenance

Based on an average-size home, repainting or staining can cost up to

$6,000 every four years. Mastic siding never needs painting, caulking or

patching because, unlike wood, it won’t crack, peel, rot or split. And the

maintenance cost of vinyl siding is negligible (just soap and water).

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Weathering– Color retention is tested by exposing Mastic products to real-time weather conditions and accelerated UV testing. This ensures that Mastic products will hold up in even the most extreme regions.

Color Test– Using a spherical spectrophotometer, a 10,000 watt xenon flash tube bounces light off a siding panel. This information is then analyzed to determine if the color falls within accepted ranges for color consistency and match.

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Gloss Test– A digital readout which determines the amount of gloss is used to ensure the gloss falls within a target range. The gloss is important to the aesthetic appeal of the siding.

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