Why Should I Install New Vinyl Siding?

If you’ve been considering the idea of updating the outside of your home, you’ve probably been spending your free time looking at inspiration online and in magazines, trying to decide what exactly you should change about your house. Budget, of course, is key with all renovations, so it’s important to get the most bang for your buck when your remodeling job officially gets underway. 

Here, we take a look at why having new vinyl siding installed on your North Carolina or South Carolina residence is one of the best things you can do to both boost curb appeal and stick to your budget — not to mention the other benefits that you’ll discover along the way!


New vinyl siding is safe.


Depending on what type of cladding your home currently has, it might actually be unsafe. Older vinyl siding and wood siding, for example, are both flammable. Newer vinyl siding styles, however, are required to comply with the National Fire Safety Administration’s guidelines, meaning your family will be more well-protected than they otherwise would if a fire breaks out in your neighborhood.


New vinyl siding is attractive.


If you have old vinyl siding on your house right now, it may have begun to show its age. The older your current siding is, the more likely it is that it has begun to fade, crack, or warp. None of these things are attractive and can, in fact, cause damage to your home. For example, cracked siding can lead to water damage within the walls of your residence. 


New vinyl siding not only lasts for decades, but is often colorfast for at least 20 years. Furthermore, manufacturers offer dozens of different collections today, designed to suit any personal style. Whether you want siding that looks completely traditional or that has a modern edge, there’s a vinyl option for you. 


New vinyl siding will increase energy efficiency. 


As noted, older siding can crack, warp, and otherwise fail to do its job properly. New siding boards, however, are not only structurally sound, but more energy efficient than their predecessors. As a matter of fact, some modern vinyl siding is even insulated! Insulated siding boards are great for those who live in very hot or very cold climates, as they regulate interior temperature and help homeowners save money all year long. 


New vinyl siding fits any budget.

Because there are so many styles of vinyl siding on the market today, you should be able to find a suitable choice no matter what your budget is. From basic boards that are perfect for young families who are just starting out to high-end options for those who don’t have a specific budget, vinyl siding is truly perfect for everyone. 


If you are ready to talk shop, give the Hatch Homes crew a call! We are here to answer all of the vinyl siding questions you may have and look forward to working on your upcoming renovation, no matter where in North Carolina or South Carolina you reside. 

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