Why Vinyl – Durability

SolarDefence Reflective Technology

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SolarDefense Reflective Technology- Provides protection against the UV Rays from fading and heat damage. The newer, darker colors available have been engineered with the patent-pending technology to aid in lasting beauty and durability.

The Best Protection for The Boldest Colors

Dark colors tend to absorb heat instead of reflect it. The new, dark colors are formulated to do the opposite by reflecting the heat. This helps the siding from becoming distorted and the colors from fading from direct sunlight.

SolarDefense Reflective TechnologyTM is proven to be effective, so much in fact that they back their newer, dark colors against the outdoor elements with an unmatched No Fade, No Distortion Promise.*

Vinyl siding manufacturers put  their products under extreme testing, such as:
  • Oil Can Test- To ensure that the siding does not buckle or warp, the siding panels are placed under heat lamps and saturated to 120° -140°F
  • Rigidity- The unique design of the panels are engineered to have more ridges so the siding remains straight on the wall.
  • Vertical Height Impact Test -This test puts the product’s durability and ability to resist direct impact from force — the results of the test help to improve the correct thickness, formulation and impact modifiers.
Mixed use of siding on house
Ovation siding by Mastic

Here's how they are different:


  • Withstands the impact that is recommended by installation guidelines
  • Siding stays secure on the house during heavy winds of at least 110 MPH
  • Created to handle the effects of normal seasonal temperature fluctuations
  • Meets the manufacturer’s advertised specification for length, width, gloss and thickness- Thickness is at a minimum of .035

Our Performance

  • Designed and engineered to withstand impact beyond the recommendations of ASTM D3679
  • Ovation is rater to withstand up to 195 MPH
  • The product development team subjects the products to many rigorous tests to ensure quality and performance. Many of our products are designed to hide any existing imperfections that result from construction
  • Our products are engineered to withstand the extreme outdoor elements with the help of a Duranyl 5000 protection system and Hang-Tough Technology
  • Other ovation features a premium thickness of .042-20% thicker than the required minimum specifications


Vinyl’s unique design and engineering delivers a panel that provides superior wind resistance.


Panels grip tight to create a locked and secure system which stays together even during high wind speeds.


Boosts durability so panels are more resistant to cracking, impact and thermal distortion.


Protects our Premium colors from harsh elements and provides long-term weatherability.

Blue lap siding

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