Why You Should Choose James Hardie Fiber Cement For Your Historic Home

The American Southeast is filled with gorgeous historic homes that have storied pasts. From pre-Civil War mansions to antebellum Victorian residences, North Carolina and South Carolina are not lacking in historic charm. Caring for an older house, however, can be a challenge, especially when it comes to renovations.


Most homeowners who reside in old homes want to simultaneously embrace modern living and the unique character of their residences. This makes fiber cement cladding the perfect choice for these individuals. This material offers all the benefits of the 21st century but can be designed to look as though it’s from nearly any era. 


Here, we take a look at why James Hardie brand fiber cement siding just might be the perfect choice for your historic renovation.


It looks like wood.


If you are trying to keep your house aesthetically authentic to its original era, one of the primary challenges you’re likely to encounter is that, for many years, wood was really the only cladding option people had. 


In the modern age, however, wood is one of the most high-maintenance siding choices on the market. So, despite its beauty, many homeowners choose other options like vinyl. Fiber cement, however, is the perfect compromise because it can be designed to look almost identical to real wood boards. 


The James Hardie Company even uses molds crafted from actual wood, meaning that your fiber cement siding will have the exact grain of a legitimate piece of wooden siding. 


It is available in authentic Victorian colors.


During the Victorian era, in particular, homeowners often chose vibrant colors when they had their homes painted. One of the best things about James Hardie brand fiber cement siding is that it is available in a number of authentic Victorian colors, including Boothbay Blue, Heathered Moss, and Mountain Sage. 


Any of these options will add an aura of authenticity to your residence.


It can serve as gingerbread detailing.


James Hardie shakes and shingles can be used to mimic the decorative gingerbread details that Victorian homes are known for. This is a great way to add elaborate details to your house without using wood, which has to be painted and sealed regularly, especially in states like North Carolina and South Carolina where pests tend to run rampant. 


It typically fits historic home guidelines.


In historic neighborhoods, there are often stringent HOA guidelines regarding which materials can be used on houses. Typically, however, because fiber cement looks almost identical to authentic wood siding, it will be approved. 


It is, however, always important to check with your particular HOA board prior to beginning any remodeling projects. It’s also always wise to check with your city hall to see if there are any municipal regulations you are required to follow.


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