Will a White Roof Decrease My Home’s Energy Usage?

Nowadays, nearly every household is trying to have a positive impact on the environment in one way or another. Some Carolina families are choosing to have insulated siding installed, for instance, while others are opting for double- and triple-pane windows that reduce overall energy usage. Something you might not have considered, though, is choosing a white roof to promote energy efficiency. As you read this guide, you’ll learn more about how light-colored roofs can benefit families throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. 

You might run across the “cool roof controversy.” 

In the interest of full disclosure, not everyone is convinced of the benefits of white roofs. When you begin researching light-colored roofs, you might run across information about the “cool roof controversy.” Those who believe in the perks of light-colored roofs assert that dark roofing materials absorb heat from the sun, thereby forcing homeowners to use additional energy to cool their homes. 

Those who aren’t fully convinced that light roofs are the answer, though, typically argue that this might make sense in certain regions, but not in cooler climates where dark roofs reduce heat usage during the autumn and winter seasons. You should, therefore, consider where in the Carolinas you live before you invest in a white roof. If, for instance, you reside in the mountains of North Carolina, a light-colored roof might not significantly reduce your energy usage over the course of an entire year. If, though, you live in Charleston, SC, it very well might. 

What are the immediate perks of installing white roofs?

If you live in an area where the weather is warm almost all year, you will start enjoying the perks of a white roof right away. By some estimations, homeowners can save up to $100 per month on their energy bills. Furthermore, white roofs can be up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than dark roofs. In addition to the functional benefits of light-colored roofing materials, they can make your Carolina home stand out amid a sea of dark-roofed houses. This is great for families who want their residences to pack a visual punch without doing anything too extreme. 

What materials can be used to make cool roofs?

If you’re on a tight budget, you might opt to simply paint your existing shingles white. While this will reduce energy usage slightly, it will only vaguely mimic the impact of a true cool roof coating. These are generally manufactured using acrylic, silicone, or specially engineered polymers. They brush on like thick paint, but are designed to be UV resistant and, in certain cases, water-repellant. This is ideal for families who live in areas with frequent rainfall. 

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