Window Grids- Not Just A Thing Of The Past

Window grids are also known as grilles are stripes of material used to divide the window into smaller panes of glass which is called lites. The history on window grids can be traced far back into time. It was a challenge back then to make the large pieces of glass as thick and sturdy as we can today. Since the glass was thin and, weaker grids were made with wood to hold the smaller pieces of glass to make a larger window. Fast forward into the present day, and you can still see grids used.

Choosing the right style of window grid is determined by the type of home you live in. Today, grids are used to create the appearance of these historical windows with materials such as PVC, vinyl, wood or even aluminum. Here are a few styles of homes and the types of grids that match them perfectly.

Contemporary homes- This style needs a much larger glass piece with smaller grids to keep the modern look.
Victorian homes- The more elaborate, the better when keeping your home as similar to a Victorian style house. Also, there is no need to stick with clear glass as you can use colored glass for the intricately designed pieces.
Federal or Cape Cod homes- typically have six individual panes that are separated by muntins on both the top and bottom. These style of homes usually have one large picture windows and a few smaller panes located on the front.
Craftsman style homes- Sporting both a mix of full panes on the bottom row and accented windows with divided panes on top.

Now a good rule of thumb is, the more detailed the window is, the more expensive it will be. Always make sure to check with the specific manufacturer for the styles offered. To incorporate a grid window into your home design contact Hatch Homes today!

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