Window Installation Red Flags

At some point or another, nearly every homeowner has to have new windows installed in his or her house. There are a number of reasons for this, including outdated, inefficient windows that need to be replaced, damaged windows that are too broken to function properly, and old-fashioned windows that simply don’t match the style of a renovation.

No matter why you are thinking about having your residential windows replaced, there are a few red flags you should be aware of during the installation process. If you notice any of the following issues while the project is ongoing, confront your contractor and hire someone else to finish the job. If you notice them after the fact, contact a different, reputable contractor, such as Hatch Homes, to correct the problems as soon as possible.

There are visual gaps between the frame and your walls.

If you can actually see space, however small it happens to be, between the window frame and your home’s walls, it means the window was not measured, and you will experience air leaks very soon after installation. Air leaks can lead to higher utility bills and even water damage if precipitation gets into your home.

You notice a draft or spot water damage.

If you feel a chilly draft every time you pass by a particular window in the wintertime, the odds are good that it has an air leak and is not correctly installed. Water damage on the interior wall next to a window frame is another red flag that signifies a probable air leak. This is especially true if you live in coastal areas, such as the Outer Banks, where the air tends to be damp, and there are frequent rain showers. Even the smallest drops of water can enter where an air leak is, ultimately damaging your drywall.

The caulking looks unprofessional.

If you’ve ever tried to caulk something before, you undoubtedly know the difference between an amateur job and a professional job on sight. Learning to caulk well takes practice and experience. If the caulk surrounding your new windows looks messy, uneven, and generally poorly done, it probably means that the contractor didn’t actually know what he or she was doing. Furthermore, a low-quality caulking job can lead to leaks and other issues later.

You see fog between double-paned windows.

The majority of modern windows are double-paned rather than single-paned. This makes them more energy efficient. When windows are incorrectly installed, however, having two panes can also help you figure out there is a problem. If you notice fog between the two pieces of glass, it indicates that the window seal was somehow cracked or severed during the installation process. This won’t do and must be corrected as soon as possible.

If you are concerned that there is something amiss with the installation of your home’s new windows, call the Hatch Homes office today. One of our dedicated, skilled team members will be happy to assess your situation and advise you about what steps you should take next. In many cases, window installation mistakes can be repaired, but sometimes entirely new windows need to be purchased. No matter what ends up happening with your project, our team will be there to assist you from start to finish.

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