Winter Gardening Projects You Can Do Inside

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Although some Carolina areas enjoy temperate weather all year long, many parts of these two states do experience cold autumns and winters. To combat seasonal depression or even just chilly-weather boredom, there are a number of inside projects you can complete until spring arrives. One great option is to take-up indoor gardening. Not only is this enjoyable and relaxing, but it will allow you to work with colorful plants that are sure to boost your spirits!

Here, you’ll find information about a few specific winter gardening projects you can easily do inside. One of the biggest perks of these activities is that they will last long beyond the autumn and winter months, giving you a purposeful hobby for the entire year and even for years to come. Some Carolinians even find themselves becoming incredibly skilled gardeners thanks to indoor gardening projects.

Create a vertical herb garden.

There is nothing better than having fresh herbs literally at your fingertips when you’re cooking a meal. Apartment dwellers in densely populated urban areas, such as New York City and London, popularized the vertical herb garden and it is now a great option for people all over the world. It bears noting that certain herbs, such as sage, rosemary, and thyme, are better candidates for indoor containers than others. The best thing about these particular herbs is that they’re ideal for soups, stews, and other cold-weather recipes.

To make your vertical herb garden, you will probably want to find an online tutorial. Some styles are quite basic, while others have a cute, rustic appearance. The amount of time and effort you want to put into crafting your new indoor planter is completely up to you! No matter what aesthetic you ultimately choose, it’s important for your herbs to be placed in a spot where they will receive a significant amount of sunlight.

DIY a living wall.

Living walls (i.e. walls completely covered with green plants or succulents) are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in commercial spaces like chic restaurants and hip, independent stores. They are also, however, a great feature to add to your Carolina home, especially if you’ve been looking for a way to make a statement. One of the major perks of a living wall is that it will go a long way toward purifying the air in your home. To create one of these dynamic walls, you can either invest in a pre-made frame or construct one yourself out of old pallets or fence pickets and chicken wire. In either case, you will need high-quality potting soil and succulents.

Start making terrariums.

Many people find terrarium making to be an incredibly therapeutic activity, due in part to the fact that it is much neater than many other gardening projects. Creating terrariums won’t leave dirt and leaves all over your house; instead, you can simply put them on shelves or tabletops when you are finished. To make your first terrarium, you will need a glass jar (usually with a cool shape), pebbles, activated charcoal, potting soil, and small succulents. There are plenty of online tutorials you can follow until you get the hang of this hobby! Another perk: terrariums make great gifts for your loved ones.

These are just a few of the indoor gardening projects Carolina residents often find themselves trying in an effort to beat the cold. Grab some friends or family members and get started. You just might find that, in addition to providing you with a much-needed distraction from nasty weather, gardening projects bring you and yours together to create lasting memories.

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