Winter Lawn Care Tips You Can Actually Use!

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Sometimes, when homeowners look for advice regarding winter lawn care, they are met with suggestions that aren’t very practical, even if they live in the most temperate areas of the Carolinas. Here, our goal is to provide simple tips that are easy to implement, no matter how busy you are or where you reside. Hopefully, you will glean some knowledge about winter lawn care that you didn’t previously possess!

      1. Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize – During the summer, Carolina heat and humidity can sap nutrients from grass and plants. Then, when the ground freezes during the winter months, it can wreak havoc on the soil. Therefore, it is important to fertilize your lawn well prior to the first frost. This will ensure that your yard blooms back to life more easily and beautifully when spring arrives. 
      2. Aerate your lawn all season – Aeration involves crumbling a lawn’s soil to allow water and air to more easily access all layers of it. This is something homeowners should be doing on a regular basis all year long, but many don’t. If you’ve never aerated your yard before, this winter is a great time to start! Regular aeration will nourish plants’ roots even when it’s cold, helping them thrive once warm weather comes around again. 
      3. Clear debris – Although the idea of getting rid of debris in your lawn before winter seems logical, it’s easy to forget about things like outdoor furniture and toys that you’re used to seeing on a daily basis. Putting these things in storage when you aren’t using them will not only keep them in good condition but will prevent people from tripping and falling over them when there is snow on the ground. 
      4. Rake the last of the leaves – After the trees on your property are bare, rake any remaining leaves one final time. This will make your yard less slippery during the winter months and will keep plant roots as open as possible once bitter temperatures hit your area. 
      5. Mow your lawn to an even height – Once the first frost is in the forecast, you should mow your lawn one last time, so all of the grass is an even height. This will help it grow better in the springtime and will improve your curb appeal during the period between the first frost and the first snowfall of the season. 
      6. Consider updating hardscapes – The word “hardscape” refers to outdoor features like stone benches, decorative rocks and stones, walkways, and cement patios or porches. Since most hardscapes, especially pathways, will still be visible throughout the winter season, you should think about doing any updates you’ve been seriously considering. This is an excellent way to boost curb appeal when the rest of your outdoor space is covered in snow and ice. 

Depending on where you live, you may need to start getting your lawn ready for winter anywhere from late summer to late autumn. Those who live in mountainous regions of North Carolina, for example, will need to start winterizing earlier than those who reside in coastal areas. No matter where you live, though, these tips should help you get ready for your home’s best winter yet!

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